Black Relationships : Ladies, What to you makes a Brother unattractive?


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Oct 4, 2003
A man becomes unattractive to me when his word doesn't mean much, a man who often lies as easily as he tells the truth.


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Aug 8, 2004
1 men who act immature
2 bad hygiene
3 ignorance
4 arrogance
5 men who really do believe that a woman's place is at home- i mean i know that i can do wonders in the kitchen but that doesn't mean i can't do wonders at work either.
6 men who constantly put down women (especially black women e.g. all black women are like this or do that blah blah blah)
7 men who don't respect other people's cultures, beliefs, lifestyle
8 men who arent open minded
9 men who don't want to learn anything new

but i guess these are qualities that i find unattractive in any person not just men.


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Apr 26, 2004
a man who thinks and acts he is all that....

especialy how he is in bed....

if that makes you a man....

there is a difference about being converdant with yourself

and bragging about hisself....


a guy....

who starts to act strange to you.....
in front of others...
because he is unsecure about hiself or sumthing...




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Aug 8, 2005
What makes a brother unattractive to me

1)One who pursues you continuously and acts like he knows what he wants, then once you two are an item and all the girls start coming out like roaches after him; all of a sudden, he starts wavering, acting all confused and all of a sudden he needs time and you're moving too fast for him even though you've done nothing different.

2) Ties into number 1, when he has told you of how his ex cheated on him or has pretty much dogged him in the past, and how she wasn't nothing but a ho, but when he runs into her, his mouth turns to mush and he greets her like the Queen of England

3) Men who switch faces in public. They are all up your butt in private, but when they are around their friends they try to act like they have it like that with you (insecure)

4) Black men who renounce being black. They could be black as the streets, but want to reach way back to their great, great, great, great, great grandmother who had an ounce of white in her and let everyone know (Brainwashed)

5) Black men who don't care to gain any knowledge of themselves or our people beyond slavery.

6) Black men who hustle and shuffle and make black jokes to make non-black people laugh.

7) Black men who overdo the gold digger excuse. True enough there are gold diggers out there, but if he's trying to make you split popcorn and a pop at the theater and becomes upset if you'd rather have your own, then calls you a gold digger

8) The absolute WORST is the black man, who when he doesn't get his way says "See that's why we date white women"

My response to that, a white woman can have you. In fact I will roll out the red carpet, pick you up and drop you off at that white woman's house!

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Aug 1, 2003
Student by day, Poet by night
What I think is unattractive
is arrogance, suferficial, lack of public
decorum, and bad breath.
Oh, materialistic.
And my all time pet peeve, a man
that talks about how big his manhood is.
Those be the ones with baby penises.
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