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  1. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    It's 88 degrees in Detroit. That means I havent gone a week without using a utility. GEEZ
  2. Ms Drea @ Ms Drea:
    Love & Blessing Everyone!! :heart:
  3. OldSoul @ OldSoul:
    2 mins
  4. OldSoul @ OldSoul:
    CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING ONLINE - LIVE @ NOON ET TODAY - Topic: whyte fear turns to hate -
  5. Destee @ Destee:
    To join our 24/7/365 chat you must be registered and logged in. Please register / login / enter chat here.
  6. Destee @ Destee:
    Brother @HODEE ... I sent you a private message ... hoping that resolves it.
    Destee I am not able to enter chat ....
  8. Destee @ Destee:
    Join us in chat ... ... :music:
  9. Destee @ Destee:
    Hi Sister @Ms Drea ... I see you here Beloved ... YAAAAAAY! ... :yaay:
  10. Destee @ Destee:
    very good
  11. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    I dont see them now.
  12. Destee @ Destee:
  13. HODEE @ HODEE:
    Wow.. you stop making me smile OK
  14. Destee @ Destee:
    Hi Brother @HODEE ... I do hope to see you this evening and you know I want you! :) ... I have not figured out the moderating part yet but as soon as I do, I need and want you! Thank you for being willing. Love You! :love:
  15. HODEE @ HODEE:
    Destee I will try to attend the Chat tonight. Keep it flowing.. You know I will be either first or coming in very late. It says.. " OPEN" 24/7/365 " You stated the other day your still cleaning up and mentioned something about a moderator. Someone who has time to hold their eyes open past 2AM and play music, have a movie showing in d chat. like we used to do. Back in the day.. I held Night shift very well. It was an honor to Moderate " Back in the Day.. HODEE " Alias.. " Night Owl "
  16. HODEE @ HODEE:
    Good Evening Destee Family, Friends and Guest..Blessings to You and Yours
  17. Destee @ Destee:
    @Kemetstry and everyone - Premium Members should not be seeing ads now. If you do not want to see ads, please Become a Premium Member and help the community survive at the same time.
  18. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    Still seeing ads
  19. Destee @ Destee:
    Thank you Brother @jamesfrmphilly ... I am watching out ... :tv1:
  20. Destee @ Destee:
    I think I have the chat room link working again ... click on the CHAT in the menu above or the CHAT image in the sidebar ...
  21. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    watch out destee....
  22. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    virus bad in alabama......
  23. Destee @ Destee:
    @Ms Drea ... @Clyde C Coger Jr told me he could not get in the chat either. I saw an error too, but I can get in. I will work on it tomorrow Sister. Love You! :kiss:
  24. Ms Drea @ Ms Drea:
    Another day Alone, Another day Alive-Melinda D. Jones
  25. Ms Drea @ Ms Drea:
    where did the chat room go?
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    Apr 1, 2017
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