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  1. Clyde C Coger Jr @ Clyde C Coger Jr:
  2. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    Yet you don't harp on 45s
  3. O @ ogoun:
    Of course they both have a Black agenda.........its the same one they've had for the last 55 years, But really we could pull any number out of the hat between now and the last say 150years. Its all the same.
  4. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    neither candidate has a black agenda......
  5. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    WHAT'S 45s BLACK AGENDA !!!!
  6. OldSoul @ OldSoul:
    Here's where you'll find CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING ONLINE for September 20, 2020 -
  7. OldSoul @ OldSoul:
    12:55 start
  8. OldSoul @ OldSoul:
    CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING ONLINE - Will be LIVE at 12:45 PM EST - Topic is a BLOCKBUSTER!!!! - Signs of Civil War!
  9. O @ ogoun:
    Well yeh. Still, one can't help feeling a bit guilty about even entering the colosseum and take part in the bread and circuses show..........thumbs up? thumbs down? for which Nero we want to let loose the lions into the stands.
  10. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    This is why we should vote
  11. O @ ogoun:
    If they don't know how they'll vote by now then do they even know straight up is when the sun shines?
  12. O @ ogoun:
    If I were asked I'd say, I think trying to buy a senate seat is a suckers bet. On this absurd stage called the USA show of short attention span theater how many people are going to be swayed by this or that ad of half truths or twisted lies?
  13. O @ ogoun:
    We've got a senate seat up for grabs in this neck of the woods too and my tractor needs to fed as well. Oh well there goes that Jackson plus a couple of addresses from Lincoln and tractor will be happy for a while. The senate will have to won by the candidate's silvery slippery tongue.
  14. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    right here, right now, the game is in the senate......
  15. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    they will take 5 dollars......
  16. O @ ogoun:
    The real power comes from the proletariat or the plebeians or the commoners or however you want to parse them but that's where the power resides. If they can tear themselves away from Dancing With the Stars long enough perhaps they'll realize that.
  17. O @ ogoun:
    My resources on that front are, eh should I say limited. I just paid my local property tax and my federal taxes extension still hasn't got the monies in the bank to finish up last years account. It's called flat broke Brother. I liv'n on the edge like everyone else.
  18. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    mcconnell v mcgrath. contribute to mcgrath.
  19. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    i have contributed to each opponent in each contested senate race.....
  20. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    you can contribute to his opponent. i have.
  21. O @ ogoun:
    For instance Mitch McConnell. There's a reptile I'd take a shovel to if I found it in my back yard. But I don't live in Kentucky so not much I can do, is there? Or the QANON freak in Georgia (I think) that's a shoo-in to make to the hill.what to do bout her?
  22. O @ ogoun:
    There's little to no discussion about the senate as a whole on the national level because each senator is seated by individual regional interests where as the POTUS seat involves everybody.
  23. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    the POTUS race is being used as a distraction while the congress changes hand unnoticed......
  24. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    in order to fight the power you must first have a clear picture of where the power lies.....
  25. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    there is NO discussion about the senate or the congress......
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    Apr 1, 2017
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