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  • No one is chatting at the moment.
  • Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    kitchen table has been wiped out
  • jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    happy tuesday ?
  • Destee @ Destee:
    Some things are not looking right with this newly restored old chat. It's probably me, failing to do something and I'm tired now. I'll play with it more when I get up, just in case yall see it too ... Loving Us! ... :byebye:
  • Destee @ Destee:
    Welcome back Family. Thanks for your patience ... :heart:

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    Ms Drea wrote on I_AM_HER's profile.
    Welcome To Destee!! Love and Blessings!!
    Sup, Fam. Peace.
    Destee wrote on Ms Drea's profile.
    Sister ... please forgive me, I just been so krazee lately ... I love you ... :love:
    Destee wrote on Titoub's profile.
    Hi My Friend! How are you? Welcome Home! :wave: