Kitchen Table
    Having the House, Taking the Senate and Losing the Presidency, means nothing pass the Desk.. Take the Presidency, give us all relief.. a moment of less Narcissistic Banter and do our best to win all three Offices
  2. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    none of these r better than dieing...
  3. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    no one but u have these issues........
    The Real Issue of wearing Mask is 'Mask mouth' ( Bad Breath ) someone smelling their own.. All other claims have been debunked. Dry Mouth is Real... Breath In via Nose, Out Via Nose... save your teeth. Won't deter me from my mask either.
  5. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    barkley, shaq defend cops.......
  6. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
  7. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    D please delete my gayle sayers thread
  8. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
  9. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    take the senate.......
  10. O @ ogoun:
    Hodee, trumkof could be peaking on acid and no one could tell the difference, That idiot brags about being able to pick an elephant out of a line-up his IQ so high.
  11. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    All the races are important. We do have the capability of walking and chewing gum
  12. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    the senate race is what is republican senators out
  13. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    So, are we all willing to admit that the sisters vetted all the candidates, including Biden? Or are you saying they didn'y know what they were doing ?
  14. HODEE @ HODEE:
    Actually if the Challenge turned up substance ( other than prescribed doctors medication ) in body. All decisions, appointments.. etc MADE by LAW would be thrown out according to the LAW
  15. HODEE @ HODEE:
    August 27 of this year... Trump challenges Biden to drug test before debate. I say Biden should take it. The Looser would be the one full of Coca Cola
  16. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    yes, so let's fix it.......
  17. Clyde C Coger Jr @ Clyde C Coger Jr:
    Very true, :wb: @AAlicia25 stay safe and protected :)
  18. A @ AAlicia25:
    The entire world is a hot mess.:(
  19. O @ ogoun:
    Aah aah, okay done. Now who sets the agenda? Who leads this hoped for blue wave? Who? And what's the agenda after and how is that agenda going to be accomplished?
  20. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    the senate race is what is important......remove republican senators
  21. O @ ogoun:
    Who would even know where to even start with 45? His gang affiliations? His documented 20,000 + lies? His accelerated privatizing of the public commons? His lack of even common decency? Where to start? Trumkof is the cumulation of 55 years of GOP malfeasance and DEMs spineless vacuous pandering.
  22. O @ ogoun:
    I remember it. I also remember turning it off because I'm rarely if ever in the mood to be pandered to.
  23. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    But this is revisionist history on your part. Because just before the SC primary, didn't sisters hold a large black meeting. Where all the candidates had to state their black agendas? or did you forget that?
  24. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    Only because 45 can't
  25. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    biden is the one who is exploiting the black vote

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