Black Relationships : Ladies, What to you makes a Brother unattractive?


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Jun 28, 2005
indifference (on purpose)
poor hygiene
loud mouth
no ambition/drive/direction/sense of self
follow-the-leader mentality
financially/socially/emotionally irresponsible
effeminate men
know-it-all/ not teachable or humble
bad manners



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Jun 28, 2005
men who are too familiar with you are unattractive

men who smack their food/chews with his mouth open are unattractive



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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
A Hard Man Is Good to Find

Well physically men can get away with a lot more than women can because men are more visually stimulated so their standards are of necessity stricter.

I don't mind a bulge--even a big bulge could turn out to be my favorite pillow. But now if he has to put on his belt with a boomerang--if when he gets his shoes shined he has to take the boy's word for it then no way will I let him crack my ribs

A lack of respect is a definate turn off. My boys in NY and DC will move to another room or across the room so I don't get a contact when they do their dutch and drow. But a man who steps to me blowing smoke in my face can keep on stepping. I will simply walk away with no apology.

I have to admit I'm drawn to power so a brotha who uses the white man as his excuse for not making the most out of the gifts God has given him--a man who has no dreams, no vision for his life--a man who will just be whatever I want him to be--a man who cannot be a man in his own eyes and takes it out on me--this is a man I can sure do without.

The three fatal Cs. All other vices grow out of these.
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