Black Spirituality Religion : Whats the difference between the Orishas, Loa, Alusi, Neteru, etc


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Dec 21, 2008
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In my studies, I have come across many traditions, and many different deities in each that not only share similar attributes, but also similar colors, whether its Heru of the Neteru, Shango of the Orishas and Amadioha of the Alusi, or Erzulie Dantor of the Loa, Het-Heru of the Neteru, and Osun of the Orishas. But over and over again, priests will say that the Orishas and the Neteru or Loa or whatever tradition are similar but NOT interchangable, which confuses me. If each of them is controls a certain aspect of our world, how can they all be different? What is the difference between the Neteru, Orishas, Loa, Alusi, etc?
Good question

They ALL exist on different planes of reality.
Are some higher than others?...if yes, which ones?
It's been my experience that these spirits are very much similiar but differ in their degree of intensity. Siete Rayos is much hotter than Shango and the same for Zarabanda when we compare him to Ogun. Here's a funny thing, I have a strong affinity to Eleggua, but in Haitian Vodou my affinity is closer to Kouzen Azaka.

Very does it depend on which deity the particular civilization resembles and honors the most?

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Good question

Are some higher than others?...if yes, which ones?

Very does it depend on which deity the particular civilization resembles and honors the most?

There is a spiritual hierarchy, but in their functioning I can not say one is higher than another. I think that depending on your level of development you will encounter various entities based on your frequency level...the vibrational level of your spiritual body. As far as you last question, I'm not sure how to answer. I have no contact with what are referred as Kemetic deities except in form of spiritual guides which reveal information and bring me into remembrance but the remain void of physical manifestation, but I can't say the same for Orisha or Vodun entities such as Shango, Oshun or the Erzulies. In meditation these are very strong entities and most likely because of connected bloodlines which run deep into Oyo/Yoruba culture, as well as Akan traditions which have been taught to me are connected to Nubia/Kush which is in my bloodline. I just have no form of divination that connects me, and I am very careful to the point where I don't allow many to lay hands on me and stay close to what has passed through heirship

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