Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
See that child grows up
with the vision of a change
meaning getting into reality
making accessories a necessity
cause toys are toys
you have an vision of your Empire?
Then put your seed into it you downrite player
since you know the birth date of yours
the gender of yours
without no television in your household if you can
cause a habit of any negative addict is hard to kick
as you work to train your seed into proper heights
you start to see growth am i rite gardener?
You know your lineages?
You know the child's lineages?
Then get working them skillsets out
by researching out who they are
you the ones of why the youth is failing
putting it on the schools like projection taught you too
if youza irresponsible mutha and a father
you should be faded out the picture of children's hopeful tomorrow
steady busy on shyte
straight idling of the sick
swear you the player of all times
but tricked mentally patterned thinking you secure
well i got news for your dentures and tonsils
your epitomes are self-endangering
your empathy is no sympathy from homicide
and suicide is always on your mind when fun is over needs
like matters over mind
like your portrayal of an elder to the youth yet you slime
as a matter of fact you mildew and mold
the type of scientific fact they study about at the ages 10-12 years old
and it's yo life
you stupidass trife(echoing)....

You got knives in your kitchen drawer
but you think it is for luxury
the type of domesticated minded individual
you can't be artistic unless you dress fresh
which many of your clothing are incorrectly seamed bet
but you don't know about symmetry as a feebleminded simpleton never
smiling putting designed cologne across your skin however
as unknown pesticide to your homes and lawn
cause a monkey see
so surely a monkey will do
unless you a snow monkey
don't be afraid not be to be a donkey
getting used to plow dem fields
exercising your real strengths of survival is far from being unreal
you got myrrh?
No though i got lavender
wishing i could be blessed with myrrh via trade by the tons
though hands to scary to get dirty
when that clay been here before your roughstinkingass thought of being cleaned smoothly
get that soap out
tell your child tah get tah craving something out of that lump of someting
with a butter knife since your luxurious mindset matches your higher classism huh...(fool please you ignorant and dumbfounded not like that kitty kat who pays attention though)
see when i was growing up we used that butter knife to unscrew flathead and four way screws
read a manual and they tell you to not do it...
then again if you do not know thyself first
then you will never fully overstand why which type of class belongs truly to a butter knife
and why Carpenters has to always out-think the unimaginable problems
from every so called angle
published as a degree
you ain't really knowing about
movies come and go
winds turn into air
a stalemate can make you express yourself unconditionally
you feeling musky as you speed then go ahead further running swiftly into them cuts
at least i know being a True Racist to me means being at my total solidified indivisibility of supreme
cause islands still get bought
whether you choose to free-hold or be sovereign
and post offices are still up for sale
and those post office vehicles are up for sale
by the fleet actually
you gotta stamp idea?
you gotta solar power or hybrid or gas station in mind to be bought?
you got your artistic vision along with making your own currency into reality?
Then get the heck away from me you nonapplying daydreamer
cause a mpc beat with six instruments making their music be heard is called our G-Banger
9 minutes longs per song of four only
call it an EP
the beginning of your short travels
which be about 15 minutes one way
and 15 minutes the other way
and if you like flaunting plus flossing in public
we got that fix able to make a Quartet Series of our same Septet Ensemble
all ear will be humble
cause the estimate of travel to work is about 15-30 minutes
i can make your morning go smoothly motivated with our Septet Ensemble of an EP
just a mpc with six instruments making their music be heard is called our G-Banger
the G-Force out the hangar
and off your hanger is your clothing lemon or rose or lavender pressed
cause smelling good physically plus mentally motivated
is an idea unheard these days and nights
be about yo'self and never forget to be about dat real life...
your children born depends on you believe in them or not....

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