Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
I was physical sleeping
and i remember the female
who built or was the founder
of a college in South Carolina
came to me with an idea
no joking...
she said "bleep bleep why don't you use us as your books?
since we are factual like you know we are
plus we are documented
we achieved great statuses
and we are truth
so therefore you can do theorems
I said yeah you right!
Most of yall are inventors patented
all of yall are artifacts from near to far times
it just take a little of bit sitting all of yall down
to apply to economics and business
from applied ethnocentric educational model
i mean some can be used in Fashion Design
which subjects like supersymmetry
from a tribal cultural point of view
with Sylvester James Gates and GAGUT's inventor
and also Fine Arts as intersectional discipline?
i mean the option are limitless
whether they are dead physically or not.

Take Sarah Boone's invention
which you can further relative to a see-saw theorem
just by flipping it upside-down
minus one leg
which you also get into geometry
and again symmetry to asymmetry
including tunnel work which incorporates engineering
different types of it to be specific
yet also bridge work too which involves construction
you got a little bit of physics
and if you are not paying attention
you can develop a musical hall out of a tunnel
which requires trigonometry
therefore naming it certain laws of an Ancestor
connecting all of them back to the Roots of it all
Genius! Fricking Genius!
Now i was already on the note of transforming Ancestors into ethnocentric academic books
though she just came at me with her school lady dress and glasses smiling
and she made me feel like a student who had nothing but space in mind
you know a clear mind in a peaceful state
and i smiled like hell yeah that was right on time
but i never got her name...
instead background of signs that looked familiar of South Carolina
and Georgia though more South Carolina cause i have been literally
ninety something percent of SC and about thirty percent of GA
and i just wish i would have high fived her or something
but she just disappear walking off happy humming a song
so i guess i too will just follow along...yeah!! Geah!
Its her! Bernice Robinson with the glasses!! That's the one! Yeah she was smiling in all like i stuck in transition trying to figure out completely and end the stupidity of not having academia books which would and could be applied to all from West to East and them inventions hit a key out of the whole chord Sarah Boone just stuck to me hard like i gotta wait on something you know cause i got my clothes pressed and i was like okay i only get my stuff pressed these days for business meetings banks etc or stepping inside of a religious building cause people be funny like that when in their religious mindsets and i was like just sitting there on a stone bench of some kind stumped with my head down on my two hands balled as one like i done failed or something and there she goes and i heard her taps on the concrete that only women make cause it is a difference and i brought my head up to her smiling with her glasses on and the one in the drawn artistic picture was the one i saw and she had this school dress on or teacher like dress you know it was modest with class and just respectable and we just interacted then she disappeared humming a song and most women in the South in those days carried on the religion of the slaves though modernized it without the geechee-gullah Roots which takes you back original tongues already here or over in Afrika or other names cause that one is incorrect as we know it it just takes all the heads to correct it yet nevertheless i found her. And what she said fits her whole entire description cause my wheels were turning and i was thinking about the Geechee-Gullah people and others from known lineages but the book ting just would not convert nobody over from West to East and now she made it everything become real again and even realer! I'm going to her resting site and planting some roses there if the family lets me or i will put roses there every year cause she bailed me out on the was probably going to take me at least another two to three years to figure it out and then hire academic writers. She just killed it all cause i would have never thought about using the Inventors cause after all in order to invent you have to "think"...and think greater. Thanks Ancestor Bernice Robinson. Vodun.

I forgot to add the link lol. I was so overwhelmed by the help of another Ancestor cause i was like dang i'm stuck but i knew i was not going to be stuck for long if you on the rite path...thanks Bernice Robinson one more time and in the front of those books i will thank you again and again and again! Now that's teamwork and karma on a whole other level. I love working with the Ancestors. Vodun.,_inventors,_and_scholars

Now information is information yet i do highly suggest you go to the individual places and get a hand copy or voice recorded of the names places dates and so on. Wiki is definitely not all right as it has been known to have errors. Go pick up Hidden Colors the series and Maafa 21 plus Dr. Henrik Clarke and just others out there seriously. Compare and Contrast information any website information even if you gotta on-ground please do so cause remember the www is nothing but servers and keyboards with usb slots CD DVD Floppy Drives and etc. Don't forget about Dr. Ashby, Dr. Sebi and more out there and if you don't beat me too it young genius then for sure i will so it is one to the races. This is the only competition i'm up for and that is making Ethnocentric Academic Books out of the Ancestors and Elders great work to put a stake in the vampires once and for all to include making our own lexicon besides the Moorish Latin tree of languages cause English is not one of them so making a syntax like Swahili out of Gullah will be great! Plus an underground music can be finally ciphered and Roots connected on a whole other level from hopefully Jamaica to Haiti to West Coast of Afrika. I'm on it and this money i cannot wait to receive for truck driving to get everything super rolling but eh..patience is a virtue. And I would like to give a shout out to Bernice Robinson one more time cause she dropped a gem in my lap when i was least expecting it. Now that's the definition of being blessed forget the vehicular tag signs....and i'm outtie to put in more work cause that's what Young Ancestors do and plus
If any ethnocentric academic writers are looking to start their own books for K-12 please do think about the list of Afrikan American Inventors. Stay positive out here as there are some ignorant crazy clowns out here seriously. Keep focused on-ground and keep it moving on-line and do not forget people are going to think you are talking about them cause like Malcolm X said you keep thinking how you thinking and let them keep thinking how they are thinking to show their egos. See you find out your true enemies as haters and if my work and any ancestor work is of wrong and haterism then their you go....and that is why there is no unity. Mind Your Own Business. This is my actual last posting of today cause i will be spending time with my father side of the house to discuss business moves and of course to see my last Grandmutha left cause she is approaching i believe Grandma Lily is approaching 89 but she is walking faster and faster they said and she wanna go to the islands on more time and i'm like Grandma...well you only get to live once and finally made it for her to see. Be blessed and thank you again Bernice Robinson you are the greatest! Keep the hope alive out there on-ground and on-line from the youtubes to the seminars and celebrations which really brings everybody together and not just one set of people. Protect your family and children and use the Ancestors wisely. Do not let hatred stop you from accomplishing your goals and remember Maya Angelou's poem called "Hater" and 2Pac song "Bomb First" cause indeed out here while they are expecting for you to do nothing and not fight you tell em all on your side to hold on and be strong then rise to fight intelligently. Take care of your finances and accountancy. Create trade schools after you get your trades. Get into those colleges and earn the degrees and turn around to use the Ancestors like the Inventors and Scientists and Mathematicians and etc. wisely by turning them into books cause you know they always say we ain't got nothing and gon never be nothing and got no proof well the proof been here right there in front of our faces...the Ancestors. Like Denmark Vesey would say before he got foiled by his own people let's put in work! Let's fight!! Stand up!!! Like 2Pac said use your brain cause it ain't them that's killing us off it's us killing us it...or be a victim. Vodun and Peace.


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