Black Poetry : Outlaw: A Sample and Royalty? Your own Tax?


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
I learned how to respect myself
i suggested myself
and see you know a Patent System
along with your own Stamp and Mailing Service
has really already been done...
if you Publish your own literature
notarize your certification of the literature
then it is a way in and way out.

What i learned from the Ancestors before
is that they all should be trillionaires
based on their inventions
though where is the accountability and finance department
of a people?
Nowhere to be found.

If i make a product
and create a service
i will tax
and the product and or service that is taxed
the taxes goes directly into the Accountancy and Finance Department
of my entire Empire...
see a snow monkey gets followed
while the others learn how to lead
and is it too big to pay your own Ancestors
directly from your pockets?
Only time riches and wealth will tale.

I am going to tax
instead of calling it a mere "service tax"
i will put appropriate detailing on it
so the consumer who sees it
reads it
traces it
back into my sitemap
on my webpage
click the link
it pulls up as what it is
and the mission of the overall tax(es)...

The Patent System is the same
i get a list of ethnocentric inventions
and if i make an invention
which is a sample of their idea
then a named Royalty fee
will be established
and monies sent to the descendants of
the ethnocentric inventors
called the Ancestors i know
though the tracing and research
of their Royal Tree takes time
and does not happen overnight
unless the information is readily available
you reconnect
to form strong bonds
and see this is nothing but pure science
at its finest....

Make your profit first
pay back the ones who paved for you
while paving the way further for the ones who are behind you
is how any advancement is done
and you do this by actually studying your Ancestors
and continue what they did
cause a reading is a reading
cause a seminar is a seminar
though you got the ability to act
and stay proactive
professionally active
and like i thought before and after
you do what no other will do
and that is continue to do you further and exponentially
i am not worried about all the other bullshyte
and neither should you
cause that gives any procrastinator an excuse to stop and wither
your locomotive train of thought stops
and many who do not have esteem of self often ponders in fear
and you see that fear grips ahold of them like chains of steel
you do not stop
you keep on going
you know it is troubles out here
so what?
It is troubles everywhere
you got fires everywhere
which do not even concern most people
cause if it did then your name by birth or alias
would be on it
and so does it apply to you?
Don't think crime thought or negative
stop associating your positive and higher self with bullshyte...
association is a powerful tool which can be used against you or for you
and politics so often plays association from left to right
your closest association should be your own Royal Family Tree
and the likeminds of professional active development
stay educated and remember you are a human first
and ask yourself questions especially the one the great one does it apply to me?

If you are a modern politician then human race issues that will never get solved applies to you and the likes
if you are a farmer then the farmer's almanac Benjamin Banneker created including education of astronomy and horticulture and the likes applies to you
and remember a farmer is the best of mankind quoted though i'm going to say humankind for the sake of a peace of mind and killing modern politics at the same time
if you are a musician in his or her purest form then instruments were used to heal like actually heal scientifically
while the vocals are mere syntax of a language to understand the usage of it furthermore applied into business and economics as a greater cultural benefit
you got too many Ancestors who influence music and the Lute is going to be your best friend to include the Harp standing or laying down inside that wooden casing called a Piano
should the Upright Bassist in me and you go on?
Well all rite then....


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
And make sure you have a good lawyer when you create your own invention to include dating yours and showing proof you are paying royalties to the original inventor just in case stupidity arises though 10 times out of 10 nobody cares if you are contributing to your own Ancestors cause the stereotype is you never existed and never created anything in the first place plus you are dumb and feebleminded...and you will never be anything so stay fearful per generation is the great stereotype whenever news comes out and indeed it does put fear in the minds of the masses....get your paperwork straight and make your mind up cause your muthaz before you did if you reading this...your fathaz did if you reading this....hell you here so what you going to do? What is your mission? When you look into that mirror if you got one cause that is a luxury too then ask yourself and not that ugly human face you see though the "true self" what you going to do?


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
And yes i saw big Benjamin Banneker while i was in London...he was freaking amazing! The clock that is....and you can look at the 12 hours as whatever or 13 hours as whatever according to the Zodiac or predated yet just remember the Astronomy will always be placed on your shoulders to figure out when it comes to food water and shelter per Generation. Everything else is to me i found deals with business and economics and if you know your retrogrades then you pretty much in control Chess and Monopoly-wise. So if you are a natural mechanical-solar-kinetic-electrical engineer then making Big Ben into a Little Ben on your wrist is nothing just like many have in their homes tick and tocking on the wall including as a standalone model called the Grandfather Clock or a Grand Master of well let me stop the electricity going to the filament ain't that rite Mr. Lewis? Use the Sarah Boone's ironboard to press out issues in your life especially inside your own home which where it all starts anyway. And your home can be dimensional and see "thinking" is suppose to be dimensional in order to be applied and so i add Hannibal Barca's mindset to the whole equation equating to a solution guaranteed to silence my problems. It is up to you to solve your own...i mean that is why you got a brain and a spine. Put together you got thought + sum the rest into an active state of technical and tactic mind.

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