Black Poetry : Outlaw: 9 Mile


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
601 mellows my groove thick with brushy woods filled with those big eyes blinked i saw you haha! to myself wisdom peeking at an young ancestor recording scenes watching for headlights that could be approaching the back of the plastic bumper focused on drive lost souls with wings crashed up against the windshield splattered for trying to make their way across the street airtime hanging on winds blow in each and every pocket of ricocheting direction the feet are still pressing the pedal eases off called depression many are lonesome on the dirty corners reader's digest before mouths open to suggest figuring out which drug for them will be the best and how much amount as the constables watch on to include the agents i did not count singing the same ole song cause they disappear when raids come i am just another soul who peeps their weird tongue amazing verbs twitching lips of dialect language shaky handshake trembles of estrangement dangerous situation one must put themself in is a compact disc of myself recorded of two songs made as instrumentals i played all instruments from beginning to end moving more in depth with each and every step footprints of no trend says i am Edo and Cherokee invisible is how i must bee working striped with higher intellect and bolder choices yes i chose not to use recorded unreal voices which irks the naturalness of the more moist important colorful truth that an equalizer like myself will always have the balance and option to vocalized fruitful branches and deeper roots stemmed facts heart i wrote this piece of systematic release on the edge of true positive melee damaging no one fired up throw those charcoal bits over the wood chips of mesquite get the biscuit cans out of the fridge including the large brown chicken eggs and them roasted turkey legs please do not touch the skin wait a minute i am off track yet and still driving imagining my edocherokeeian hair locked in beeswax even got Medusa staring back seriously proud dayum how is that? when no neurosurgeon never probed into my brain perplexed concoction threw a hallucination across my two equinox eyes i swear reality my occipital lobe must be off the western psychological chain baahdow! klink-klink time told on me sow you know we ain't no surprise if this fact is the bomb it is I you need to blame(echoing)....


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