Black Poetry : Outlaw: 8 Mile


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Did you know that Two Notch has road models down to create stock market indexes to be featured on their own stock market exchange tried and proven cause excel is just a spreadsheet enable with a plethora of formulas you can design algebraic to geometric graphed equations and yet seen as a trigonometric function conjunction adversely adjacent based on neighboring communities empty buildings with reduced prices and off-market real estate to include gentrification as the silent brokered mate hate is a must you see when racism faces prejudice versus vindictive measures twisted to the side to be scene as endearing pleasure however with whoever from whomever to whatever and why did i ever smile clever depends on the problems with balance and movement envisioning true sights digesting courage empowering immeasurable might as temperature levels of alertness heighten so does flexibility with or without kemetic yoga plus your social behavior is still apt to be judged emotionally and lesser quality of intelligence habitually complex and vortex vexed plus surgical met with proper incisions stitched back while under laughing gas the matters of your society are far from funny in fact two pomegranates can cost you more than two gallons of regular gas and you need them for that five lobed largest organ who purifies every musical instrument inside your human mundane body mostly hid behind the skeleton’s xylophones married to your vertical truth depending on your backbone's ethics and morals two be upright and keyed resonance major fifth chord bonded two nuclei one macro and micro who has three protons and electrons a piece though i rather be in a country with two capitals on the eastern hemisphere of the planet called venus's twin sister with three department of businesses of two companies with two electrified Queens running them both and the same country closest to the true west coast where most unknown from the west is from sierre leone to include ghana to nigeria and more or from the five nations sow do not doubt your own footprint neither cloud your mindset with negative vastness of smokescreen media cause capacity said that type of change of fulfillment is called guess the perception of your environment depends on the difficulty with organization you can infiltrate any or just remain alone i chose to be evolutionary you must be crazy to be apart of any gang-related activity no matter their class of classism after driving commercial trucks for four years i will build my own university then aim high as a pilot faa licensed to fly my own people from the tree to the roots first class in highest cheer privately and if i had a younger brother at the age of 16- 17 i would highly suggest he do the same rather hanging with snobs and wannabe gangsters as endearing peers always punked from ear to ear as if the brain's activity was flatlined stand aside all clear beeeebeep beep beep i'm back and herd that never ignorant getting goals accomplished words captive say "going going gone you better raise up cause it is no tailing once your spiritual courage is on"...chest out head up in first place i am that str8 Souljah(the truth from the guts echoing) soulfully fire and intelligently lit the first round draft you picked....


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