Black People : What are your favorite black movies

Hoodlum, X, and in the Heat of the night.


Which new black films have you liked in 2016 too??

My list would be too long to include here but I'll list a few favorites which include a few perhaps most people haven't seen or heard of.

The Drop Squad

Cosmic Slop

Harlem Knights

Brown Sugar

Blackbelt Jones

School Daze


The Hurricane


Yeah, I saw The Hurricane, too!

Great biopic!!

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If it had a Black cast in tge 80s 90s I was on it. As a Grown man I don't always gravitate
to the so called Black films. I call the TV the ignorant box and rather read, learn, teach, and coach my people.

As regards your overall take: As long as the black characters reflected or reflect us via the complex human beings we are too, no harm or foul...

As regards commercial movies in general and TV shows in particular, little or none of it rises far above merely being light entertainment from the getgo...

As regards your second take, I also factor in how even more media savvy today's young people are, than most us were back in the day, too...

I. e., based on my own life experiences, better to approach who we hope to reach and teach on the mutual respect level, bro!



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