Black People : President Obama’s Favorite Song Choice of 2015 Is The Blackest Thing We’ve Ever Heard This Week


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Aug 28, 2015


Look, I know that Obama is a rap fan. But listening to Jay-Z just makes you American. Jay transcended with “New York” to the point where he’s less part of the hip-hop community and more part of the global community. Hip-hop doesn’t own Jay anymore. He’s on loan from the Smithsonian and ****.

Kendrick Lamar, tho? That man is hip-hop.
And the fact that President Obama’s favorite song from 2015 is “How Much A Dollar Cost?” off of To Pimp A Butterfly is EASILY one of the Blackest things you will hear this week, let alone this year.

His favorite song is on one of the Blackest albums ever, and is an album cut. Not even one that made radio. And right now you can hear “King Kunta” “i” Blacker The Berry” “Alright” or “These Walls” on various radio formats.

Do you know what song you aren’t hearing? “How Much…”, ya know, the one that sounds like a Dr. Dre song that isn’t a Dr. Dre song. That means that Obama not only listened to TPAB, it means he ALSO digested it. Obama was basically reading think-pieces about TPAB in between national security meetings and useless speeches about ISIS.

And, if that’s his favorite song of 2015, it means that he forced OTHER people to listen to that song. Like dignitaries and religious leaders. It is entirely possible that the Pope listened to Kendrick Lamar on his trip to America because as a Black person, if you love music, you force it on other people whenever you can. You bump your jams as loud as possible in your car or out of your house hoping that just ONE other person hears it and feels the way about that you do. I can see Obama being like, “hold on, your eminence…I want you to hear this song about a man’s reflection on life and realizing God can be anywhere. It’s got scripture…hold on, P.O. Can I call you P.O?”

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