Black Spirituality Religion : REINCARNATION?...IT JUST MIGHT BE!

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    the thing about religion that makes it so fasinating is that nobody really knows but everybody has an opinion,so since it's a slow day let me run this one by you...there are those among us who believe that when we die we are reborn back into this earthly life in some form and it might not be that far fetched,we all know of someone who is limited-physically-mentally[or in my case-financially,hehe]but seriously we all feel for the person and wish that we in most cases could do something to help them alone,now suppose that we have lived more than one life and in the other we were a cruel person either on a large scale[ruler]or small scale[head of family]and god's punishment is that we suffer in the next life[of course we have no recollection of the previous one]this could explain some things,of course as always this is just one man's wondering but let me hear from you on this as i'm sure reincarnation has been discussed before but maybe not from this veiwpoint...i'll be checking in...peace.