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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, most Time if not all the Time, when it come to Black folks, we usually do not engage each other in conversation on topics of interest for purpose to reason logically with each other, it mostly be to try and get the best punch below the belt of reasoning in order to get a mental instability from the person that is engaging for sake of understanding, and the person hitting below the belt of reasoning is the one reflecting an ego of very low quality, therefore when we speak of ego, which we all have, it is about the quality of the ego in action, which is a relationship of the soul ( informative Energy ) to the body and a low and devilish ego is in the possession of those that seek not profound reasoning and logic, operate only under the influence of the body senses, out to cause mental disturbance motivated by jealousy because they are unable to hold a very profound reasonable and logical conversation on the topic being discussed.

    Now, when it come to whom we corporeal Beings are, my contention is that the Original Beings to visit this planet, which obviously was of a Cosmic and Ebonite Nature, of whom Black Folks are connected to, they were Beings that understood the Universe action and did know what that we refer to as GOD, really is, and were able to live their lives in according to the attitude and behavior of the Universe, which is Divinely in action based on the fact that ITS Action move in a relationship with the objects that consist of the universe, reflecting a attitude and behavior of Harmony,Order and Balance.

    Therefore, since our Ancient Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors had mastered the attitudinal behavioral of the Universe in their Life Living, which was a life of Harmony, Order, and Balance with all things, our Ancient Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors were in fact Divine Beings and not Human Beings, because such Beings that claimed to be Human were of a life living as they so confessed, which born with a low quality of ego, vainly selfish (sinful ) and their very thoughts are of Iniquity, ( dominance, superiority which cause Jealousy of others that live a higher quality of Life ) the attitudinal behavior equivalent to the self confessed human Being, so to be Human is to take on the attitude and behavior equivalent to those Beings identified in the Kingdom of so call animals and what cause Beings to be animals is the expressed level of what we call intelligence, the ability to Logically Reason.

    By the Ebonite Beings of today being the direct descendants of our Divine Ancient Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors, give Black People to have the potential of becoming Divine again, so we in our original Mind, denounce the Human mental qualities we have acquired after our Fall from our original Divine Mental State and the enlighten among us reclaim our Divine Mental Status as we strive each day to rediscover our Divine Self.

    Just as we acquired our Humanity, nothing more than a state of Mind, we must reacquire our Divinity, and such is not to be forced upon no Black so call Afrikan, you must come to know your True Quality in Nature.

    You May Take It Or Leave It Alone.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder