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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    People Without Shame Carry The Burden Of Ignorance.(Osiris)

    When you do not know then you set yourself up to believe and to be told any and everything you now believe about all you do not know, so what does that say about the believer who do not Think, using the believer own Mind action.

    We sat around discussing and debating words we played no part in creating and we do so without Thinking because if we would only Think we would not have to be believers and we would come to know that we can develop our own vocabulary with our own words and definition and have other people debating and using our words and definition we would have created.

    But no, we have no desire to do that, because it require that Black people take a different view of ourselves than we do now, using White, Arab, and Jews Mind, it is our original mind that require Black people to become a united people again, that will give us power and authority over our lives again and we giving our own self some respect first, before giving respect to anybody else.

    Black people have become a people who have been well conditioned and coached to believe that those people with a history of abusing Black people know everything that Black people are to believe about ourselves and the oppressors succeed in having us to be ignorant of ourselves because they have taught us not to desire to Think any More.

    We black People have come to just believe everything that the people who abuse and lie to us, tell us us what to believe about the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and our Black Afrikan Universal selves and they have tampered with our Mind and have gotten us to believe that there is not one thing that is of civilized importance that have ever come from the mind of Black Folks and we question not.

    So who are those people who came to conquer the Mind of Black People and why was there such a need for them to recalibrate the Mind of those strange Different appearing people with a phenotype entirely different from them, having the only thing in common to be the elemental components that have us to be in the form that we are.

    Here you have a people referring to themselves as being Fair Skin (White) and refer to our skin to be the opposite in difference of appearance and label us to be Black and they go on to define who and what we represent, which is not them which mean to be inferior to them and that our colorless skin represent evil and bad luck and according to them, Black people are not civilized people and they taught us to believe that we are what they had defined us to be, in comparison to them, which is Black with less intelligence in comparison to every body else on this planet.

    Now here we are walking around upon this planet spending all of our Time trying to get white people to redefine us Black Folks and hoping that they will show respect toward us Black People and Black people have come to love our oppressors so much more than we love ourselves and many of us Black people have come to despise our Blackness so much, until we willingly run to jump into the Human Being Melting Pot, a pot that cause Racial assimilation, created by white people particularly for Black people so that we can attempt to dissolve our Black skin, how sad and a pitiful people Black People have become.

    You know beloved when a people have been reduced so low until they can not experience the quality of embarrassment that would give them drive to become other than what a people who have oppressed you and made you to be.

    So Black people are at the point that we now allow ourselves to be defined by those same people who once labeled us to be lower in status than their animals and now all you have the mind to do is to become accepted by those people as being a part of them and to be identified as they have chosen to identify themselves which is to be White and Human.

    White people define being a Human Being as being people that is White and born in what they call Sin and that their very body is in the shape that cause them to do nothing but be a liar and deceiver because that is the quality of spirit they convey, identifying themselves to be the Lucifer's of the world and claiming to represent the light of all knowledge about everything you are able to look at in this world.

    So to be a Human Being is to be White with a Luciferian Spirit ( attitudinal Behavior) and even though White people have defined themselves and identified themselves to be Human Beings, Black Folks with our counterfeit Mind have no problem in identifying ourselves to be the same as the Human Being, regardless of the History of the Human Beings upon this planet, so the spirit we express that is of our white Human Being Black selves, is that of a deceiving superiority and there is no Divine evidence of Black People having a intense desire to reclaim who we really are and that is because we now are guided by the Human Being Mind, a mind that is now displaying the same spirit of the Human Being, the confessed liar that they are.

    We now live in a Time of Divine Enlightenment, a period of Time that have brought into the presence of this Time the Divine Truth and it is that quality of Truth that require a Divine Mind to recognize it and embrace it, which will serve as a sign that the original Mind of the Universal People wearing the coat that is of the same shade of the Eternal Infinite Space without light but out of which all things appear, the perfect Night I refer to that Divine Space to be.

    Beloved it is the Divine Perfect Night, the Eternal Infinite Universe that give its approval and verification of who you are and out from that perfection did you come, wearing the coat of the Divine Eternal Infinite Universe, Limitless and without boundaries revealing the Divinity in its appearance, yet here you Black people are, unique of your own kind having the image and likeness of the Eternal Infinite Divine Colorless Space, that which cause you Black people not to be Human Beings but Divine Beings and yet such Honor and Status is to much for you to See yourselves as Divine Beings, because of the recalibration of your Mind, a Mind been reduced to believe and not to Think and to take on the persona of being a human Being, the Being that states that there are none to have ever been perfect upon this planet and yet Black People question them not.

    So tell me Beloved, if by your confession you were the first to appear upon this planet, then it stand to reason if you came to this planet from far away, from another Galaxy and if that is True, then it is wise to know that you were in the know of what the Divine Essence Is, the meaning and purpose of Both Universe, Ethereal and Physical, and of your Universal Self, and that you were in the know of the relationship of that Trinity and in possession of the technology, mental and physical, that qualified our Ancient cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors to travel to this Solar System we now are a part of today, not as Human Beings but as what you are, Divine Beings.

    Yet here you Black people today knowing nothing about yourselves and now allow somebody other than yourselves to define who you are, as you make claim to be what you do not know nor understand, GOD.

    How can you make claim to be, goddess, gods and yet have not the courage to identify yourselves to be what What God Is?

    God is not Human, It Is Divine In All Of Its Action, Having not A Gender To Describe The Divinity Of Its Presence.

    The Divine Essence Is GOD and The Children of GOD are Divine Beings and not Human beings, being Divine is to display a Spirit that is operating in Harmony, Order, And Balance with Nature Physical Universe and not being a Liar and Deceiver born In Sin and shaped iniquity, the identity of the Human Being, and just because White Folks confess to be Human Beings, now you in your White Mind confess to be Human Beings as well, wearing all of that Divine Blackness and not giving it the respect it deserve.

    Yes today you are gods but not gods of the Divine Universe, you Black Folks have become gods of Lucifer, displaying the spirit of the Human Being, the born liar and deceiver, having not the Divine Mind that will compel you to redefine your Black Selves.

    Divine Beings we did come to this Planet and Human Beings we have been made to be, while on this planet, and now, in the Time of Enlightenment the Divine truth has come informing you of your Divine identity and you accept it not, choosing to remain on the Human Being level of its perverted Civilization.

    How Low have we fallen and what a sad and pitiful sight of a people once Divine and now have become Human as so described by Lucifer themselves, I so declare to be of our Ancient First Way Ancestors to be, Divine Beings they were and a Divine Being I am, because as the saying goes, As One Thinketh, So You Are, I Think Divinely, Therefore I Am Divine, Beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved

    Not Until The Black World Reclaim our Divinity Will we receive Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors and Afrika will Become Afrika again and the Black World become United Again!!!

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'NationalMovement
    [email protected]
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    Very deep and true. Powerful words of wisdom.
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