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  • Mrs. Lady.. you're messing me up with that picture.. you can't be beautiful on the inside and the outside too.. ! That's not even fair..
    *smilin* Thank u, Sister! He' my heart and joy! :)

    As for me, doing good so far. I hope all is good with u as well. :love:

    Thank you sister mrs lady I know its way overdue but Im always humbled sister especially from a beauty such as yourself.
    Okay take you time ordering Miss Lady...Wow! big careful in the Big Apple sweetheart:). Okay, will do, I will bring MAN, mothers against neglect to queentswana's attention tonight in the Reuiting/Rebuilding meeting. Yes, the family is well, in fact, I traveled yesterday to check on Mom. Thanks for your confident in me handlling things Miss Lady, I still need you by my side though, for real!

    Ma'at Hetep Miss Lady,

    How sweet of you to keep me posted up, and yes, we are still poppin and on track. The only thing we can't do is take your stuff to Sisters Chat, otherwise, we got you covered.

    Rich is back now and we will be getting with him to push poetry. We are also bringing back Karaoke, as well. Yes I was aware of the the sneak peaks allowed, it seems to be taking too long, when did you order it? Much love Miss Lady, for real!

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