Chief Elder Osiris : A Wanting Ego Prevents The Mind From Thinking

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    A Wanting Ego Prevents The Mind From Thinking

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Have you ever wondered why it is that Black Afrikan People, in view of our life living condition, say and do the things that we do, that have no benefit to our collective lives, as we play out our lives the way man has dealt it to us, and not the source that is responsible for giving us the opportunity To Be, so that we can create a life we can peacefully enjoy living?

    Obviously not, because of the way we have been conditioned to take our present living condition for granted and to just assume our life is just the way ii is meant to be, to believe such nonsense, is what have Black People living a wanting life, instead of a life that is based on need and not want.

    Have you ever observed Black People, how we just sit around, lay around, scheme around, tell lies all around and attempt to deceive those that are all around us, which has caused us to become masters of our own deceit, we wont even be truthful to our own selves, the first somebody that we do not have respect for, so how can we be respectful to each other, as we want our way through life.

    A child like mind is nothing cute in a grown behind woman and man body, trying to be as if there are things that give you reason to ignore the cause of your life condition, when in fact you do not know that ignorance come automatically to the Black Race now, and the quality of mind we wear today, it does not qualify Black people to be able to know what is meaningful to our lives and when something is not, because to be able to know that truth, you must be a Thinker and not a believer that is going around wanting things in life and not knowing that life should be based upon what your life need, which is not much, it is the wanting that piles on to depress your mind, beloved.

    So, when Black People come to know what we need in life, that is the Time Black People will get up off of our Child like mind behind, and act and behave with our grown up Mind, and go into a mind action mode that will have us to know that Freedom is not free and most certainly is not to be given to Black people, and you see, only a grown up Thinking Mind know that to be True to the Black Afrikan Life.

    Take for instance the Louis Gates, Obama fiasco, neither one of those Negroes are Black enough to be portraying themselves to be so Black, they each was acting on their wanting ego, wanting to appear to be Black when not doing what constitute our Blackness, and that is in the way that Black folks use our Mind to Think and not believe and to know what we need in life and not want for our lives, so today we use the Mind given to us to Want and believe, not to Think of that we Need.

    Tell me beloved, if that would have been a brother just getting home, not from a trip to China but from his Garbage Truck shift, do you Think there would be as much of an interest given to the garbage truck brother, do you think the brother would have been treated by the police as Mr. Gates was, and that the Garbage Truck Brother would have had the President of the United States to wade into the Fray of a police doing their job confronting a Black Man at his home door, pushing forcefully on the door in an attempt to get into the house, period?

    What happen was that the wanting ego of Gates was bruised by having the police to confront him as they did, hell, the police did not know that was Mr. Gates house, they were doing Gates a favor by attempting to protect the house from being broken into and the president became a willing participant because his wanting ego led him to come to his friend support.

    There was no interest in whether or not a Racial profile attempt had been put into progress, as stated by Mr. Gates and the president, they were driven by a wanting ego, they profiling to be oh so Black, Hell, Black Folks are profiled every day by the police, even to the point of Black Folks losing our lives and you do not see the interest of Gates and the president coming to the Garbage Truck working brother rescue.

    Tell me beloved, was it not the greatest evidence of Racial profiling when all of those ethnic oppressors went into Afrika and proceeded to destroy Afrikan Civilization, was it not Racial profiling when white folk began to enslave our Afrikan Ancestors, then if Obama is so concerned about the evil of Racial profiling of Black People, then why in hell don't he deal with the issue of Race in America seriously, and with the issue of Reparation for our victims of Racial profile, our Enslaved Ancestors?

    When you are trapped by a wanting ego, you can not bring your self to respectfully acknowledge the Divine Truth, that quality of Truth that condemn a wanting egotistical mind, while that wanting mind put on an attitude to disregard the Divine Truth and those who share it with Black Afrikan people.

    The Black Afrikan fail to realize that the greatest harm that a wanting egotistical mind can harm, is the mind that is doing the wanting, do you you desire with want, proof of what I am sharing with you, is Divinely True, then stop looking and then see the present condition of Afrika and observe the spirit of the present day Afrikans.

    Tell me that which you see is not the evidence of what Racial profiling has done to a once Divine Black Afrikan Nation, as you sat on your wanting egotistical behind, pretending to be all that, when the facts are kicking you in your Black behind telling you that you are all of that which you are failing to see of your Black Afrikan Self.

    So, you who are all wrapped up in your ignorant intelligence, wanting to be just like your oppressors,we have become a sad and pitiful Black Nation, always in a hurry to laugh and make fun at our ignorant intelligent behind, believing that your Black Behind be sounding oh so intelligent whenever you attempt to mislabel Black people who hang to their self dignity and proud, loving to be with their Black sisters and brothers as a Race coherent people, as you label such a Mind Spirit to be that of a Racist, you foolish Afrikan who do such a labeling.

    How Dumb has the Black Nation been made to be about ourselves, equating loving your oppressors as a sign of mental maturity, when in fact it is a sign of a lost mind knowing not how to find its way back to be able to see what that Black Mind need in life.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Our Beloved Chief Elder Osiris ... i understand, and thank you for sharing ... :love:


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    I would also like to thank you, for taking the time to be open, and honest...

    It is a true pleasure to be among so many talented,
    wise etc..
    elders, who seem more than willing to educate me/us, & those who are constantly in search of...

    thanks for sharing...