Chief Elder Osiris : Black Folks Perceive God To Be As We Perceive The Human Being To Be

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    Black Folks Perceive God To Be As We Perceive The Human Being To Be

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Perception is a sense of action that form the premise for your belief about that you do not know, so that which is guided by the senses is full of deception and plays tricks with the Mind that is not guided by the mental concept that reveal the Divine Reality of which our body life should be guided by, therefore Black Folks reality is based upon an illusion of a perceived belief concerning that which is believed to be real to our body lives.

    A life that is guided entirely by the sense of its perception is a life that is depended upon what it is told to believe about what it can not look at, because looking is the perception that form a sense about what is True and Real on the physical dimension, and to be guided by your senses, mean that the Mind is subjected to the action of your perceived belief you have about all that you can not See, and to the perceived believer, their Reality and Truth is based all upon that which the senses reveal to be the perceived fact of the action that is going on in your life.

    So when it come to having the knowledge and understanding of God, you must have a Concept of the Divine essence, which require that you have an idea about Time, and about the Mythology that is a sacred part of the dynamics that surround the body life and what is the required dominant factors you must be in command of in your body life living experience?

    Well it is for you to be in possession of the Divine Mind which reveal the Conceived Divine Reality which verify the Divine truth concerning the events that occur in your body life.

    So much so, to the extent such a life is guided and protected by the relationship that the Mind has to the senses and it is the Divine Mind that Conceive of that which is Divinely Real and True and not the senses.

    Therefore, when you are mentally conceiving that which is about the Divine Essence, (GOD) then it is the mental action that give you the ability to conceive and to have a Divine idea and imagination that qualify you to become Divinely aware of that Divine Essence and ITS Divine Attributes, Truth and Reality, which will prevent you from attempting to perceive of such a Divine Dynamic Energy that require for you to know of its Existence instead of to believe in the Life of a God that require for you to believe that "HE" is Real instead of to know that It Is Divinely True and Real.

    The level of mind we reveal in our use of a profane Human Being Mind is when addressing the Divine Essence, ( GOD) such a mind clearly indicate the level of our sensual perception that we have of God, because we assign to that Religious GOD all of our sensual body life attributes and create a phenotype of such a religious God that have the image, character, and spirit of its creators, they being the lowly self confessed imperfect Human Being and that is why we in a perceived state of belief about God, we end up associating that religious God to be on the same profane sensual perceived level that we Black folks have been reduced to become, as we now function under the sensual perception of a religious God that curse you, trick you, command and demand you, and lie and deceive you, and you tell me that we are not cursed by religion.

    Here we are living a life without shame and we have no shame when referring to that religious God in the Human Being Person of a Male gender, with a spirit of profane Vanity, that religious God confessing to have a spirit that express the Trinity of Evil, those principles being Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, as so confessed by the religious God who boldly display to its Believers in "HIM".

    Black People believe God to be as the Human Beings are, an egotistical, envious and jealous God and that is why Black people no longer know who we are, and when you do not know who you are then you are ignorant of What the Divine Essence Is, and it is such an ignorance that prevent Black people from knowing what Real Divine Time we are now experiencing.

    If you do not know the Universal Action out of which you come from, then you have the fool trying to speculate upon a Time that does not relate to to the Divine Existence of the Divine Essence, which is a clear and present indication that Time is only a Human Being perception and is all that we perceive not to be Divinely True and Real, therefore, it is the fool who attempt to assign a Time to the Universe and are we not all an entity that is intricate to and within the Ethereal and physical Universe and those entities being objects always in motion, in and of the universe?

    Therefore, it is the fool who attempt to describe the Divine Essence ( GOD) as having a physical image and sexual Gender, so to engage in such an effort it only indicate how deep our ignorance goes concerning the Divine Essence, the Universe, and Time, so I ask you Black People, What Time Is It!!!

    The believer say it is the year of 6000 for Black people or there about, the vanity of the Human Being say it is the year of 2009 and I share with you that there is no such a Time that can Divinely accurately verify the origin of existence of the Divine universe and the physical universe, because you SEE, the Two intersect with each other, therefore the two verifying that the Two represent to be Actually 0, and there is no Time that can be applied to Perfection, an existence that has no beginning or ending, Infinity (O) is without Time, beloved.

    Can You Understand hat, Beloved?

    Now, allow me to share with you for a moment the divinity of the Universe and the Mythology which is its Attribute and let me Divinely Reason with you the Divine Reality of Extraterrestrial Beings of and in the Universe, such as you and I, and the false perception of the Time, 2012.

    Beloved, the fact that there are Divine Gigantic Monuments that still rest upon this planet and under the depth of the Water of Ocean that cover the Land of this Planet which predate the coming of the Human Being perceived concept of Time, such empirical evidence prove there were people of Divine Intelligence that visited and lived upon this planet long before the modern perception of Time and the belief about it became an acceptable calculated phenomena created by a lowly confessed Human Imperfect Being, so if Time is Motion and Motion is Time and neither has an origin or an ending, then how do you pretend to measure infinity, when in fact the so call Human Being has had to confess that the Universe is in a Continuum of Motion of interrelated action and it is wearing the garment of Eternity.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Yet here you are all dressed up in your religious believing Mind, all locked in your no Thinking arrogance religious believing mind, every Time you attempt to sound intelligent while in your attempt to demean the Divine importance of knowing that we are not the only Beings in this vast Physical Universe and you attempt to attack those who are engaged in knowing and understanding the mythology ( Mystery) of of the Divine universe and of Life Divine meaning and purpose, yet here you are in your profane religious mind assigning to the Divine Essence, (God) as having the same characteristics as our no Thinking Behind, as we attempt to teach our people not to desire to know the value of the mystical elements that cause all things of and without substance, to be.

    Now, 2012, there is lots of talk and speculation about the false Time, 2012, and many people are with speculating as to why the Mayans when forming and establishing their calendars, why did they go no further than 2012 and we take that as a Doom Day Sign, when it could have been a stated universal verification of a Divine event of happening that occur in the same interval window of universal action, a particular align sequence of our solar Galaxy related interaction, and from such a Galactic alignment it cause a dynamic action that can affect those solar systems that is a part of the so referred to, Milky Way Galaxy, which happen at every interval of the universe positioning of its solar systems, and at this universe window of movement that just so happen to be expected to take place at a period the Human Being calender refer to as being their Religious Time of 2012.

    So will there be a Gloom and Doom when the Human Being Calender created Time, claimed to be 2012?

    Well the only way to know, is for you to know what was the Universe happening at the last Solar Galaxy alignment, when it take place.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]

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    Excellent Post !! On the time factor there is something I want to say to all thinking people. "Man created the concept of time". If we wanted to go by the European version of time this would not be the year 2009. Why so? Because based on his own mythology they started the count all over when Jesus supposedly died. This would mean that there's 33 years missing off of the calendar which would place us in the European time of 2041. This would mean that if they had not started the count all over that everybody's birthday is 33 years off.

    The Jews got their calendar, the Orientals got their calendar and we have ours. All we have to do is go back to Kemet and start our count from the creation of the solar calendar and continue the count down to now which would place us in the year of 6241 or somewhere close to it. My point is that we got to get out of the white mans reality and define our own life.
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    Thought it was just me regarding the much to do about nothing 2012 dear elder! question: Why were we fed such lies regarding time and motion and perception regarding us and our relation to all things .