Chief Elder Osiris : Vain Ego Tripping Is A Dangerous Weapon In The Act Of Shielding The Evil Of Envy And

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    Vain Ego Tripping Is A Dangerous Weapon In The Act Of Shielding The Evil Of Envy And Jealousy.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    To Speak Bold About The Things We Do Not Know About And To Speak Cowardly About The Things We been Tricked To Believe About, Serve To Be More Damaging Than The Blow That Destroyed The Black Nation.

    The trouble Black people find ourselves in is no joke, and **** well show that our present Black Body life condition is no illusion, and to imply that a one Dimension approach is all we need in order to return us back to our Divine Mind, such reveal the depth our psychosis that is of the profane Mind that is guiding Black people today.

    Simply because a diverse Dimensional approach has come to be used in order to serve as a shark wave to see if there are any life of a knowing nature that is present in the Black Body today, is no reason to reject such an approach or to speak ill against such a Divine approach.

    Many Black people terming ourselves to be well informed about the cause and effect that has rendered a mental crippling upon a once well knowledgeable and learned Black people, and such a mind crippling paralysis, is what have Black people not knowing what is Divinely well meaning for us, as opposed to what is profanely harming us Black people, today.

    When Lucifer decided to make his move against a Divine Black people, it was no ego jerking action that he used.

    Lucifer the Human Being and his angels used multidimensional approach in order to finally be able to break into our Mind house, a house that is constructed with precision, by Divine Energy.

    So, Lucifer knew that he had to approach such a Divine Black people with full force, using every angle available that will get him into our Mind house, he knowing of those Divine Black people past and present, and he being in the know, that there is no future that is related to the Divine Black Being, just the infinite of yesterday and the Eternity of today, in term of tense, regarding the motion Time of life.

    Therefore, it is the past and present, such being used interchangeable to verify Time, Motion, life continuum, the three being one in relation to the dynamics of a life Time Action.

    So be careful in your expressed opinion concerning the Black Body Life, in term how our Black Body life is to be approached in an effort to restore our Divine Mind, because without our Divine Mind, the Body is guided by Lucifer the Human Being profane mind, and it is such a flawed mind that will have you speaking about that we only believe about and not know about, attacking Time attributes, past and present, and lying about a future Time.

    So, when ever we as Black people are serious about reclaiming our Divine Mind, which will be the verification of our freedom having returned back to our Black Body life, then all method of approach used to generate a spark from Black people in such a way, that we will begin to fight for our freedom, using all method of use by Black people and such should be of a Divine strategy to be used in order to be successful in reclaiming our Divine Mind, because without it, we Black people remain to be the great pretenders and jokers we have been made to be, today.

    The Black Body life of a nation now in bondage, in order for us to ever allow our Black Body life to taste the Divinity of freedom again, there must be a multidimensional approach in getting Black people to get to know and understand who we once were, as opposed to who we have become, and the difference must be precisely illuminated to Black people, so that we can see without a believing doubt, where we once stood in the presence of the Divine Essence Infinite Energy intelligence, and where we now are prostrated, which is at the feet of Lucifer the Human Being, he being the opposite to the Divine Being, Black and unwise we are today.

    So Wisdom enclosed in a Divine Mind never speak ill about Time, past nor present, such is the Energy action of the Divine Essence, and it is established that you will not know why you are here today if you do not know where you were yesterday, past and present, mean everything to the Black Body life regaining our Divine Mine, thus our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, the verification of our freedom.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Worry, all sane Thinking Black people who once were free and now is not, such a present condition give need to worry, such an emotion is what fire up the Mind that generate the spirit to be a warrior in battle for our Black Body life Divine Mind, because without it, we are driven by the vanity of ego, envy, and jealousy, the trinity of evil, and it is an evil mind that attack our past, which have us to be ignorant about our present, and have us to place all of our belief, faith, and hope, in a future, which is a perceived concept that is created by Lucifer himself.

    Now, do you not see why it is so vital important that we must fight to regain our Divine Mind, and to those in the know of the Divine Truth about the Divine Essence, which is beyond our ability to describe, but is of our Divine Mind to know, you should be the protector of our past and defender of our present Time.

    It is that imperative, which display a spirit to verify the Divine Truth and Reality of the Infinite Energy intelligence, which become the verification of our Black Body life, which is a member of the physical universe, each verifying an action of a past and present, all serving as the attribute of the Divine Essence, the inert, ethereal past and present of an existence that has no beginning or ending, nor is or Is not, an action of creation, such being the brain child on the level of the profane mind of Lucifer the Human Being.

    Divine information to a mind in captivity will serve as the catalyst that will move such bodies into action for the purpose of fighting for its liberation, and you do so, because you do not approve of the image such Divine information has projected of us, to our present profane Human Being Self, and you have the Divinity of our past life, to show the difference of us in our past as oppose to us being in the present condition of our Black Body life living, today.

    That is why we must Divinely teach and inform the Black Body life to see, know, and to act in pursuit of our freedom, which Reparation represent to the Black so call Afrikan Race.

    We have entered into a new window of Time, the Time of Divine Enlightenment, therefore Divine Information is revealed to an up and coming Divine Mind, to be shared with a people who once were Divine, but now is profanely Human.

    So, because such Divine information is a representative of our Divine past and we now been placed in a present profane condition of our Black Body life living, and such Divine information is now conflicting with Lucifer present profane information, which we Black people have been conditioned to believe is true and real in relation to telling about our Black Body life being, and about Lucifer God.

    We end up developing a profane dislike for the Divine Truth and we become, many of us, Black so call Afrikans with a spirit drenched in vanity, with an ego, envy, and jealousy, that has the Black Race being a willing servant of Lucifer the Human Being, we showing no worry about the state of condition of the low quality of mind that now guide the Black Body life.

    You now wonder why it is that a mind that is not qualified to reveal information that is Divine, is so apt to challenge a Mind that does reveal Divine information with the Black Body life of a people, we who once were Divine Beings, but today, is profane Human Beings attacking that which is Divine, which is capable of guiding us up the path that will lead us to our freedom.

    But it is Divine information that most Black people do not "want" to know about, because it reveal so much that we do not know about that which we now believe to be true and real, as so told by Lucifer the Human Being.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Such Is Why The Divine Truth Is Not To Be Debated, Just Known And Understood by a Divine Mind that is in motion to take back possession of the Black Body life, and have it to live Divinely free again.



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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    Love is a natural repellent against jealousy and envy IMHO

    If we truly understand the Divine Essence which feeds the Divine Mind then why would one worry????

    GOD lives through us, so what we do and say we first do and say within ourselves while thinking with GOD, GOD always there, but negative emotions make one's brain unable to access GOD

    After four minutes without "air" the body loses consciousness, it is not dead yet, just unconscious

    The State Black People are in as what we are calling "present", unaware, unconscious.... almost dead

    Forgiveness can not be bought

    And i'm not against a right to what belongs to me

    what do you suggest may be done with "reparations" if their is no life left on this planet so called earth?

    I mean have you traveled, meditated to see what will become if we continue to focus on things that do not concern us????

    just some food for thought....

    there really is nothing to "reclaim" only an illusion to let go of

    peace peace


    the ethereal is the mirror the mimic of life action... one can control the other and vice versa, but beyond that is eternal, infinity

    why do you think the heavenly realm is also a "food chain".......

    the future creates that past and the totality of the past and future creates the present moment YOU... young old universe
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