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    Black Poetry : Token Black Girl

    “Wow! It’s a Black Girl!” You just noticed? Oh, I’m sorry You must be a novice I is what I is Though I know what it is Let me make it very clear I know what I am Wam! Bam! Thank you, ma’am! Just thought I’d let you know If you gave a **** But you clearly don’t Still stuck on a rap lyric I don’t...
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    Black Poetry : I Am

    I am The length of the Nile The runner’s mile The wonderful feeling That makes you smile I am The heart of a lion The belt of Orion The embodiment The epitome of Zion I am The depths of the ocean Centripetal Motion The soul that consumes And is full of devotion Lotion Cocoa butter Shea cream...
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    Black Poetry : The Church of the Black and Proud

    Pastor Take-Yo-Money Lookin’ real good Says Jesus will save Everyone in the hood Just a couple dollars A few hallelujahs Then you’re saved Salvation has come to ya Sing, choir, sing! Touch our souls Get the pastor ready To perform his role He spits good words None from the bible But they sound...
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    Black Poetry : Losing My Soul

    Why gain the world If I will lose my soul? Lose my peace? Take on a false role? Should I be myself? Or be a good slave? Appease my master Until I cave? What’s to gain If I live in vain? Why live a lie I can’t maintain? A slave to the system Calamity’s victim My soul cries My soul wants freedom...
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    Black Poetry : N-gger

    N-gger N-gger No good n-gger N-gger N-gga That’s my N-gga! Such an ugly word With an uglier past Prettied up Given a pass N-I-G-G-E-R N-I-G-G-A Spell it different And it ain’t the same today It becomes your best friend Or your favorite lover Once you take the word And give it a cover Useless...
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    Black Poetry : Tattoo

    I sure will....thank you!
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    Black Poetry : Tattoo

    Black skin so pure I wouldn't dare lose my value Ruin my skin? I wouldn"t dare with a tattoo You wouldn’t put a bumper sticker On a luxury car So why would I give my skin An inked out scar? But the artist in me screams “See the beauty!” So I submitted to the needle I let it do its duty Words of...
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    Black Poetry : Chocolate Love

    Brown skin Ebony eyes Chocolate love Will mesmerize Smooth and warm Contact is pleasant There’s nothing like now Nothing like the present To leave this place Would surely be tragic But I’m not one To break the magic Nights with him Make my day And I wouldn’t have it...
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    Black Poetry : Black Today

    Baby Momma’s Reality dramas That’s the Black woman of today Comma Daddy’s with cash A man to smash That’s the Black man of today Dash Womanizer Local drug dealer And ulimately Dream killers Being black today Ain’t what it used to be King Jr. would be sad If he...
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    Black Poetry : Ghetto Dreams: The Hopes of a Sistah

    That new purse And designer clothes Would make life better Like a rhythmic prose A tune so sweet It’ll make hardship seem glorious A dream achieved Would be victorious A new whip A daddy for the babies Bills always paid Never living in maybe Dreaming Dreaming Tired...
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    Black Poetry : Hearts of Gold

    You were more than a breath of fresh air You touched my soul You fed my spirit You made me whole Then you broke me You fed me lies You crushed my heart You made me cry You cast me away You weren't moved by my tears You called me a curse And inspired all my fears Yet love remains But I'm in pain...