Black Poetry : Chocolate Love

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    Brown skin

    Ebony eyes

    Chocolate love

    Will mesmerize

    Smooth and warm

    Contact is pleasant

    There’s nothing like now

    Nothing like the present

    To leave this place

    Would surely be tragic

    But I’m not one

    To break the magic

    Nights with him

    Make my day

    And I wouldn’t have it

    Any other way

    There’s no man for me

    Like this chocolate brother

    He’s the richest of his kind

    He is like no other

    He is my African king

    And I’m his African queen

    I’m addicted to his love

    I could never wean

    Our roots are strong

    Like the roots of our hair

    A strong African Heritage

    We are royal heirs

    Our love flows

    Like chocolate rivers

    As long as the Nile

    We are chocolate givers

    Sweet to the taste

    I love his skin

    A glutton for his chocolate

    I live in sin

    But there’s no repentance

    I am condemned to his love

    I’m weak to his touch

    And wouldn’t dare rise above

    Unless he was heaven

    And his love would atone

    The sin would be cleansed

    Condemnation would drop its stone

    Then my gluttony

    Would turn into worship

    And our chocolate love

    Would be a holy courtship

    Chocolate love

    A sweet invitation

    Chocolate love

    That’s my destination