Black Poetry : The Church of the Black and Proud

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    Pastor Take-Yo-Money
    Lookin’ real good
    Says Jesus will save
    Everyone in the hood
    Just a couple dollars
    A few hallelujahs
    Then you’re saved
    Salvation has come to ya
    Sing, choir, sing!
    Touch our souls
    Get the pastor ready
    To perform his role
    He spits good words
    None from the bible
    But they sound real good
    He gets real tribal
    Sings and shout
    His words feel good
    But none of his messages
    Are quite understood
    Time to pass the collection plate
    For the third time
    The pastor gives his reasons
    With a biblical rhyme
    See, ten percent
    Is what you owe
    Gots to give a hundred
    If you want mo’
    So come visit
    Dress sharp
    Be loud
    ‘Cause this is the Church
    Of the Black and Proud