Black Poetry : Ghetto Dreams: The Hopes of a Sistah

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    That new purse

    And designer clothes

    Would make life better

    Like a rhythmic prose

    A tune so sweet

    It’ll make hardship seem glorious

    A dream achieved

    Would be victorious

    A new whip

    A daddy for the babies

    Bills always paid

    Never living in maybe



    Tired of the screams

    Hungry babies

    Things are never what they seem

    Bills are always due

    But the check is always low

    Welfare ain’t enough

    Debts always grow

    Books seem more appealing

    Boys have lost their charm

    Men are hard to find

    No need to sound the alarm

    Should have stayed in school

    Would have found wealth

    A man who could achieve his dreams

    Instead of dreaming for his health

    Now you’re stuck with three mouths

    And you can’t always feed

    You try and try

    But there is always need

    Maybe someday

    You’ll hit the lotto

    Or some rich man might come along

    In his fancy auto

    Until then

    You’ll have your dreams

    Until then

    You will suffer the screams