Black Poetry : N-gger

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    No good n-gger
    That’s my N-gga!
    Such an ugly word
    With an uglier past
    Prettied up
    Given a pass
    Spell it different
    And it ain’t the same today
    It becomes your best friend
    Or your favorite lover
    Once you take the word
    And give it a cover
    Useless person?
    Not anymore
    It’s not the same word
    That hurt our ancestors to their core
    But we beat the word
    To the hospital it went
    We wanted it dead
    We were hell bent
    But someone came along
    Gave it a blood transfusion
    Said A positive
    Would heal the contusion
    Out of the E. R.
    Came the word “n-gga”
    Now everyone
    Calls themselves “n-gga”
    Black, white
    It’s all the same
    Now everyone
    Wants to be called the name
    In hip hop
    It’s said non-stop
    And white boys grab it
    When the album drops
    But let them call you “n-gga”
    And it becomes “n-gger”
    The word’s still the same
    When used by a certain figure
    Nothing but delusion
    The word is still the same
    You can quit with the illusion
    But let me spit some truth
    Bring some shame to the name
    Shame to the folk
    Who give it fame
    You know who you are
    Yes, you, my n-gga
    You have become the word
    You have become a n-gger
    You waste away
    Take more than you give
    Abuse all you can
    Refuse to live
    Dead weight
    You are no use
    You cheat the system
    You constantly abuse
    Drugs, women
    You are a disease
    You constantly rob
    And do it with ease
    You bring us down
    Feed the stereotypes
    You have everyone
    Believing the hype
    Bringing the race down
    You only care about you
    Hate and crime
    Is all you do
    That’s what you are
    You deserve
    To carry our ancestor’s scars
    If only you would see
    The error of your ways
    Decide to change
    And live better days
    But until then
    You’re just another n-gger
    Useless and destructive

    You no good n-gger