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    Baby Momma’s

    Reality dramas

    That’s the Black woman of today


    Daddy’s with cash

    A man to smash

    That’s the Black man of today



    Local drug dealer

    And ulimately

    Dream killers

    Being black today

    Ain’t what it used to be

    King Jr. would be sad

    If he was here to see

    His people are free

    Yet they still are in chains

    Degrading themselves

    Just to make it rain

    Teaching our children

    That their value is in the dollar

    That there’s not much worth

    If you ain’t poppin’ collars

    No value in simplicity

    A lack of morality

    Always stuck

    In an unpleasant reality

    But then there are some

    Who love the book

    They escape the hood

    And get off the hook

    They teach there children

    To assimilate

    Ignorantly promoting

    Self hate

    They grow to look down

    On their brothers

    Who become statistics

    Of single mothers

    Those single mothers

    May also have daughters

    Who grow with lack

    Because they don’t have fathers

    So they look to men

    To fulfill their needs

    Who only end up

    Planting seeds

    Then they become

    Baby Mommas

    Who consume themselves

    With reality dramas

    Looking for daddy’s with cash

    Finding themselves in situations

    Where men only want to smash

    Because they are womanizers

    Who make their living

    As drug dealers

    Who end up being

    Dream killers

    It’s sad

    That it has to be this way

    But that’s what it means

    To be Black today