The Front Porch : Why or Why Aren't You - Becoming A Premium Member?


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Mar 10, 2011
Sister Butterfly#1, great seeing you, I've missed you and the warmth I feel in your words. During your transition back, I've missed you every time and did it again:oops:. I know where you're coming from about times when life grows obstacles to connecting here. I trust you are in a good place and will continue to pray for prosperity and health! has been a refuge for me many times, sharing and growing with my peeps, wow, what a blessing!

Here's a big hug;)


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Mar 10, 2011
Hey lady Proverb 31! Thanks....I knew you would understand. I'm responding on my cell phone. So I don't stay long. Hello to all and I love you.


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Dec 13, 2010
Texas...for now.
Hello Family,

The launch of our "Premium Membership" is a major change in our community. It will help us better serve the Family in the future, if you'd share why, or why you are not, becoming a "Premium Member."

For example, if you are not going to join us as a "Premium Member," is it because ...

- can't afford the monthly due
- it's not worth paying for
- can find better at another site, for less or free
- something completely different (please share)

If you are going to join us (or have) as a "Premium Member," is it because ... (whatever you'd like to say.)

These are just examples, please feel free to share your own thoughts. Thanks Family.

Much Love and Peace.


No real reason.

I'm not a 'premium member' because I hadn't considered it.

I'd give to support the site DESTEE.COM is a business, right?
I'm a patron, so...why not?

I'm open to donating money, but I belong to enough orgs.
They bleed me dry.
Well - not really. I'm just being melodramatic. *laugh*
But... I can be pretty tight-fisted with money and these orgs are always begging.
A monthly fee. A yearly fee. Give a donation.
I don't even donate money to the Red Cross or the homeless support orgs for Holiday dinners. I'd rather go into these areas and lend support. I love disaster response.
I'd much rather go to the site where the 'dinner' will take place, slap on an apron and serve that food myself. I'd rather buy 10 turkeys than give a group the money for it....

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