The Front Porch : Why Aren't We Standing Up For OBAMACARE?

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I used to think there was a difference between the two parties, but they all have the same interests. Look where the funding comes from on
both sides. Those funding sources are linked to specific groups/people/companies with their own agendas that usually don't involve those at the bottom. There has def. been a disconnect between our state and the people. Money drives all, period. It's not about doing what's right. Social medicine has been successful in Canada, France, the UK, etc. Why not make that one less thing the masses have to worry about. We live in a very selfish society top/down. If we didn't this health care issue would be a non issue.


In the Spirit of Sankofa,

... All of what you say has a ring of truth, I'll give you that; but you are unable to make the dichotomy between the Parties... You have no suitable argument for the fact-situation presented against the Right Wing establishment: Tea Party and Republicans consisting of old fat white men.

Peace In,



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