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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Hello Family,

Effective one week from today, on 12/10/05, voice and video chat will be for Premium Members only.

I'm so appreciative of the Premium Members in the Family. They (you) have kept this community alive. Finally, i've made the decision to give you something that clearly differentiates you from the rest of the community.

Prior to now, Premium Members have given their financial support, with virtually no different features than Members who gave no financial support. Do yall hear what i'm saying? Sisters and Brothers have given, and received virtually nothing in return ... except a warm fuzzy feeling inside, that they've helped. This speaks volumes, and i am honored. Thank you all so very much.

Our community continues to grow. We are fast approaching a new year, and the registration of our 10,000th Member. None of this could have been, without you. In celebration of both of these milestones, we will be giving all Premium Members a complimentary month of Premium Membership. If you have ever been a Premium Member in this community, you will be receiving a free month. If you are currently a Premium Member, i will add a month to your current subscription. This month will begin on 12/10/05, when chat becomes available to Premium Members only. If you were a Premium Member, yet you don't receive your free month on 12/10/05, email me and let me know and i'll take care of it. Just a small way of saying thank you.

For those of you who have been Premium Members, or are Premium Members, you know that oftentimes, your Premium Membership subscription runs days, weeks, beyond what you actually paid for. That's been due to a combination of things. One being that this process is not completely automated, having that status added and removed in a timely fashion. This leaves it for me to do manually, and well, with all that i have to do, taking this status from you all has never been at the top of my list. In addition, it has done my heart good, to give extra Premium Membership time to those of you who have extended yourself in this manner. I know it's not easy, we've been conditioned so terribly, not to help our own ... it requires us to go against the grain ... and your doing this was deserving of extra consideration! Thank you so much.

In the future, Premium Membership status will be monitored more precisely. I'm hoping to get some help taking care of this part. There will be someone assigned to manage this part of our community. They will be a lot less likely to let Premium Membership subscriptions run beyond their time. Just a heads up on that Family.

Reserving access to our voice and video chat, to Premium Members only, will allow us to have a place to discuss issues more privately. For many years i've considered the fact that everything we say here, is "out in the open" ... available to all that want to see, or hear ... and that's not necessarily a good thing. We should have a place where we can talk more privately with each other, about our concerns for this community, or our community at large. We can plan, organize, strategize, and begin the implementation of efforts that will empower us all as a people ... even if we must do it one person at a time.

While the voice and video chat will be accessible by Premium Members only, we will have "Open Nights" where the entire Family can come in and take part in the festivities. Right now, i know that Friday Night's Poetry ThrowDown will be open to all, where a month of Premium Membership is given away weekly. I believe Tuesday Night's Poetry Freestyle'n with Brother Tantrum will be open to all as well. I know many of you have come to love Brother OldSoul's classes, and i'm sure some of them will be open too. There may be other events, like guest speakers, birthday parties, etc., that are open to the entire Family. For those who may want to have access to voice chat, but can't afford it, please share your situation, and you may be given access. Such situations will be addressed on an individual basis, by the Premium Members. We are a very loving community with the ability to do things how we want, and it is beautiful ... none will be left completely out.

If you become a Premium Member before 12/10/05, you will receive the complimentary month of Premium Membership that will be given to all past and present Premium Members.

Thanks Family for everything!

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.

Much Love and Peace.




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
While this is so wonderful , it's very nice to see us as a family
a community making transition in a upswing , it's so pleasing
as we continue to grow and spread and join together, i'm happy
to see this taken place .


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Oct 26, 2005
Windy City
Pos Technical Support
This is a positive thing
I look at this as an outreach
For people our people to come together
Much love Destee
Im not mad that none of the none Premium Members havent replied
I guess I wonder more on there intentions
With so many views yet so little support
I see so many posted threads and yet still
So little support its love I love
Much Love to all Poets Of Destee

How would you like to support????? Free registration Premium Membership


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Sep 11, 2004
I know this is a decision that you and your staff have wrestled with for a while. A bold move. I believe that this type of difficult leadership decisions that must be made to keep this community moving forward.

Consider the following:

Our Ancestors understood the necessity of secrecy, especially from those spiritually, morally, and intellectually unlike them, to the strength and longevity of their culture. Without [it], there is only the illusion of progress in subservient "coalition" with more powerfully and better organized enemies. - Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

And, as you know already, you have my support.

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