The Front Porch : Why Aren't We Standing Up For OBAMACARE?

Are You For Or Against ObamaCare?

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So, your answer is to stick your head in the sand and act like nothings happening?
How is this going to promote change? The people have no power through protest?
The only way change has ever been brought about is through the masses of people coming together for the betterment of society. You may not consider yourself an "American" but you live in "America" nevertheless. You are affected by what happens in "America" and so are your family & friends. Like it or not "we" are part of the group which makes up the "American Society" as long as we live here.
Is the right to healthcare for every "American" wrong? Or should we continue to let Black people die due to the lack of it?

You make some good points (again), but the masses don't agree with your sentiments. I see my people struggle everyday. Not because we are not motivated, uneducated, unwilling to work/lazy or unmanageable as some may contend. But, because we are still marginalized in a society that never meant for us to be fully assimilated. Black (and some of our brown brothers and sisters) have been crippled by the same issues since we landed in America. Nothing has changed. The means of oppression have changed, but our condition remains the same. I do agree we need to stand up and fight for change, but for ourselves. We always fight the "American" fight, but when the smoke clears black folks are no longer part of the conversation.

We'll since you know a lot about the "system" and what's wrong with it, and we're still living here(You & I) then how can it be fixed? If it can be fixed at all, for us so called "Richest Slaves On Earth". Got any solutions or ideas? Ain't no better place to talk about it then on the "Front Porch!"
"Richest Slaves On Earth" - LOL. We need to bring our people together/organize and really go after what we want. We have the numbers to make some noise, however, the "village" has been splintered. Getting people active and united needs to happen first.

In the Spirit of Sankofa,

... Welcome to aaron, thanks for posting as a guest. However, your position on the Affordable Care Act seems to waiver a bit, making it hard for me to follow it. Are you for or against the Act?

Peace In,

Correction: New Member, not guest, sorry bout that

You ask some very good questions, that have very real answers. For one, what population of people have the highest percentage of those uninsured? Unemployed? Underemployed? Incarcerated? Undereducated? Living in Poverty? Etc. The cost of such an undertaking (back to health care now) would outweigh the benefits received by those controlling our Plutocracy. So, helping the underbelly of society is definitely not of interest.

The bailouts proved, loud and clear, that our government places more value in Corporate America than in its people - "Profit over People". Don't get me wrong, I love the "idea" of brother Obama. However, he's the CEO of a very selfish, corrupt, and immoral (to name a few) organization that could care less if you and I can visit a doctor or not. The wars costs trillions and one trillion could have wiped all outstanding student loan debt clean away. This is not a government of or for its people. It's time to wake-up and realize the government is not going to change a thing. To steal a quote from Emma Goldman, "No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution...revolution is but thought carried into action".

Last time I checked, the only revolutions taking place were in the Middle East.

Sorry Clyde,

I was responding to a few points noted in the post. However, I'm on the fence with this one. On one hand, I'm for anything that helps people, period. Especially, the poor and underemployed. On the other hand, I believe the plan could be more comprehensive.

In the Spirit of Sankofa,

... Very understandable aaron. Here are two (2) indisputable facts at the end of the day; more Americans get private medical insurance and insurance companies have to spend a higher percentage of premiums on actual health care... whether the Act is modified or not.

Peace In,



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