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Come on now, seriously?

No, seriously???

Can't let this one slip in/by

(head to the side and looking again...)

Seriously though?

Have to explain this one, because can't get my head around why this image was added to the collection.

OK, you can read and comprehend the article from "The Saint Paul Globe", I think. Well, it clearly mentions that Dr. Samuels ( you can see him behind the shoulder of the body on the right side of the photo) seriously examined the bones, and stated that those bones belonged to an 11 feet tall human being ( a giant). The old, black and white photo is an authentic photo from that newspaper as you clearly can see. Yes, photoshop can imitate or manipulate original photos. But this photo is an authentic one from that newspaper. Also the photo is of the same type as the photos of my previous post. The photo relates to the photo of the enormous coffin of the Cardiff giant, you see.
Just because it "looks like" to you doesn't mean that it really is, you know... The picture I showed is as credible as the picture you showed. But you take the word "bones" too literally. With bones, they mean the bones you see through the decaying corpse. They examined them, and concluded that they were the very real bones of an 11 feet tall giant afterwards. This counts for all the pictures of decaying corpses of giants, of course.
So we already know that Cro-Magnon man was 100% Negroid. That has been scientifically confirmed in the 19th century, and is now scientifically confirmed again in the 21st century.

But scientists never tell you the truth when it comes to the Neanderthal and the Denisovan. That's because most scientists today are working for those secret societies who rule the world. Modern day scientists their career depends on their willingness to lie about the results and to distort the results for their secret masters.

The politically incorrect, but scientifically proven fact is that Neanderthals and Denisovans were both 48 chromosome apes, and Whites and Mongols DIRECTLY descend from them!!! Both the Neanderthal ape and the Denisovan ape are some of the Great Patriarchs of Whites and Mongols. Whites also possess a bit DNA from the Rhesus monkey (who has 42 chromosomes), and Mongols also possess a bit Neanderthal DNA (minimum 2%), but possess much less Neanderthal DNA than Whites, of course. 4% Neanderthal DNA is only THE MINIMUM PERCENTAGE of Neanderthal DNA Whites possess!!! This means, of course, that Whites and Mongols are not totally Homo Sapiens Sapiens or human. They rather are sub-species of Homo Sapiens.

These facts also make any sensible person question the alleged "racial equality" again. If we know that Cro-Magnon man ( the early Homo Sapiens Sapiens) was pure Negroid, and that the Neanderthal ape is the Great Patriarch of the Caucasoid, and the Denisovan ape the Great Patriarch of the Mongoloid, then are the three main races - Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasoid - racially equal? Just use your own logic to answer that question!


Cro-Magnon = Negroid


Denisovan = Mongoloid


Neanderthal = Caucasoid. As you can see on this picture, this White girl is kissing one of her Great Patriarchs: The Neanderthal ape.

Neanderthal ape.jpg
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By the way, the fact that Whites and Mongols directly descend from apes and monkeys is also one of the reasons that race denial was invented. Race denial hides the biological fact of race, and if race exists (race really DOES exist in reality!!!), then that means that certain races descend from animals, that they aren't completely human, and that those races are in fact biologically inferior to other races. Do you understand the trickery of pseudo-scientists better now?

The same goes for the nonsensical "Out-Of-Africa" theory which is designed to dupe people - especially Black people - into thinking that they are all equal, all the same and one big family which isn't in reality as I already stated several times on this forum.

Thus these facts are a reminder for Black people to think twice before they start denying the biological fact of race...
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