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Feb 18, 2013
OK, I'm back. :D Now I'm going to try to understand and respect the house rules as much as I can (correct me when I violate the rules, sister Destee!).

Alright, I was discussing the Black Israelites in India who were the true Aryan invaders of India. You can read all my previous messages in my previous thread "Let Me Introduce Myself".

As we already know, Israel/Jacob had twelve tribes/children. Out of them ten tribes were scattered from Israel as early as 721 B.C. and two tribes in A.D 70 and 135. The two tribes, which had died and scattered by A.D 135 got resurrected in 1948 and re-established the nation of Israel in 1948. Two more tribes from India joined them. There lived in Misoram and Tripura two Israeli tribes under the name Kukkies. They informed Israel that they belong to Israel and they should also be accepted as members of the new nation. One hundred Rabbis came to these states, studied the physical structure, DNA, language, traditions etc. and confirmed that they belonged to Israeli tribes and these tribes left India for Israel. They were two tribes of Israel, Ephraim and Manasseh. I already showed you genetic evidence that the Indian Brahmins belong to the lost Levi tribe of Israel in my previous thread. But there are still two main tribes in India, one of them is the lost tribe of Simeon, the other one is still unknown. The tribe of Simeon in India forms the caste of the Kshatriyas (the ruling class and the warrior class). The other unknown tribe of Israel forms the caste of the Vaisyas (the class of traders, farmers, shepherds).

Now, we all know that the Aryans look down on any other race in the world. That's a very well known fact. And the father of the Aryan family - which claims that they are superior to all the other races in the world - is none other than Abraham the first father of Israelites. Abraham lived around B.C. 2000. In those days all the people of the world worshiped the idols of the gods made by them instead of the Creator who created them. But Abraham believed in a God who is the Creator of everything visible and invisible. Till that time God had looked upon the people of the whole world as one. When God saw the faith of Abraham, he chose him and the generations through him as a special people and a special treasure for him. God set apart Abraham as father of a people who will worship only the living God among the idolaters.

In the Bible in Genesis - 24 there is a rule that marriage should be from one’s own family. In that chapter Abraham called his eldest servant and said to him:

“Put your right hand under my thigh and swear by the God of heaven that you shall not take a wife to my son of the daughters of Canaanites, but you shall go to my country and to my kindred’s and take a wife to my son.”

It's clear that this law originated from Abraham. The rule that marriage should be from one's own family is a rule among Aryans, and Aryans even follow this rule today! Aryans simply refuse to intermingle with other races. It is a character they
inherited from their Israeli parents. That is recorded in the Bible, Genesis - 34. Dina, the daughter of Jacob, went out to visit the women of the land. Sachem the son of the prince of the country saw her and lay with her and defiled her. Sachem
requested his father to get this girl as his wife. The father and the son spoke to Jacob. His sons rejected the marriage. After so many proposals, the people of the land agreed to take circumcision and got the privilege to intermingle with the family of Jacob. So they got circumcision. On the third day when the people were sore, Simon and Levi took swords and slew all the males including Sachem and Hamor. They robbed all their wealth and captured their women. Aryans of India hate to mingle with Indians. This is the special character of Israel.

Here is a picture of a classical Brahmin family. If you didn't know that they are a Brahmin family, you would simply think that they are a family from Africa, not? I'm certainly not claiming that they are Africans! They are absolutely not! But their skin color and facial features show that they are simply members of the Black race.


And here is another picture of a Brahmin called "Ikshitar". He must have been a very popular Brahmin in his time, I think, because they mentioned his name. However, you can clearly see that he was a Black man. Again, this is what a true, racially pure Aryan looks like. This Black Aryan Brahmin is the direct descendant of the Levi tribe.

Brahmin Ikshitar.jpg
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