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But you are at the same level as me when it comes to the Annunaki. So what do you think of the E1b1b gene marker? Does it derive from them (the Annunaki), you think?

Yes, because I'm sure you know that these markers have a high frequency, just like the Annunaki...And also, I believe I read in one of your informative post/threads about Ramesses III DNA, and this marker belonging to the haplogroup (correct me, I may be wrong)

Yes, because I'm sure you know that these markers have a high frequency, just like the Annunaki...And also, I believe I read in one of your informative post/threads about Ramesses III DNA, and this marker belonging to the haplogroup (correct me, I may be wrong)


You're absolutely correct! Pharaoh Ramsses III his blood type was Rh negative, and scientists have discovered that Rh negative is genetically related to haplotype E1b1b. Some scientists even say that they don't know where this blood type and this haplotype (Rh negative and E1b1b) really come from. Some say they come from "the gods". But we already know that those so-called "gods" were none other than a group of Extraterrestrials who were called "Annunaki" by the ancient Sumerians. So you're absolutely right, Pharaoh Ramsses III had blood type Rh negative, and it's very likely that his haplotype was E1b1b too. He may have been a direct descendant of the Annunaki... Read this interesting article!
By the way, It's also said that Cro-Magnon man possessed Rh negative. This perfectly could have been because Cro-Magnon man originated in Southeast Africa. This is exactly where the Annunaki genetically engineered the Cro-Magnon man according to the ancient Sumerian clay tablets. Plus the Ethiopians carry 95% of this blood type (Rh negative)! This is really the highest percentage of Rh negative in the world. The Basques carry 56% of Rh negative, and this is the highest percentage of Europe. So Rh negative is simply Black blood (maybe through the Annunaki) because Black Africans like the Ethiopians carry the highest percentage of that blood type in the world. On the other hand, the Basques have a totally different bone structure than Caucasians, and their percentage of Rh negative is significantly higher than that of common Caucasians/White Europeans. Profound scientific research has shown that the Basque language is totally different from common European languages too. It just turned out to be a Niger-Congo language. This means that the Basques are not a part of the White/Caucasian race. The Basques may also have inherited their high percentage of Rh negative from the Cro-Magnons, because the Cro-Magnons settled in the regions in Europe where the Basques are living now.

* Read, the Basques are genetically NOT related to Caucasoids!!!

*Read, the Basque language as Niger-Congo language.
Another very remarkable thing about Cro-Magnons is their length. Cro-Magnons were generally much taller than modern day humans. The average height of Cro-Magnons was 7 feet. Thus the Cro-Magnons could have been those giants who walked upon the Earth at the beginning of time like was described in the Old Testament. Archaeologists excavated many giant skeletons everywhere on this planet, so they could be Cro-Magnon skeletons too.


There even are giants found in North America:

This is a photo of an enormous coffin with a giant in it. It was found in Cardiff in New York in the 1890's. Note that the photos are very real and authentic. They are *NOT* photoshopped or something!!! That's impossible because there was no photoshop at that time.


This is a photo of a giant in very large coffin found near Lake Delevan, Wisconsin:

Giant Skeleton.jpg

This is a photo of a 10 feet tall giant skeleton found in East-Wheeling 1857:

giant human skeletons-Nephilim-West Virginia-mounds.jpg

So the puzzle is complete now. Old, profound, scientific research as well as modern, profound, scientific research confirm that Cro-Magnon man was racially Negroid, possessed blood type Rh negative (his haplotype was very probably E1b1b too) and was a giant. In other words, the Nephilim were Black giants.
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Here you see an article from April 28, 1930, from the "Geraldton Guardian and Express", an old, Australian newspaper. It mentions that giant skeletons (Cro-Magnon skeletons) were found in South France.

France-giant humans-Nephilim-CroMagnon.jpg

And this is a gigantic Cro-Magnon skull found at the same time ( in 1930) in France:

CroMagnon-France-giant human skeletons-Nephilim.jpg

And here is an article from the old American newspaper "The Saint Paul Globe" in January 24, 1904:

Bones of a Human Skeleton Eleven Feet High Are Dug Up in Nevada May be related to Cardiff Giant

WINNEMUCA, Nev,. Jan 23.-Workmen engaged in digging gravel here today uncovered at a depth of about twelve feet a lot of bones, part of a skeleton of a gigantic human being. 11 feet in height.Dr. Samuels examined them and pronounced them to be the bones of a man who must have been nearly eleven feet in height. The metacarpal bones measure four and a half inches in length and are large in proportion. A part of the ulna was found and in its complete form would have been between seventeen and 18 inches in length. The remainder of the skeleton is being searched for.

giant human skeletons-Nephilim-Nevada-history.jpg

But of course, there were also giant skeletons found all over the Middle East. In ancient Israel, in ancient Palestine (the Philistines) etc. According to the Biblical legend, Goliath was a Philistine giant. Perhaps he once really existed...

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