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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me Black People, what is so significant and important about this latest act by the Catholic Church? I have shared with you often that we the world over have been made to make our life decisions based on a religious doctrine we have been conditioned to embrace as being the word of God and that effect is in action in our Mind, whether we consciously accept it or not, because Subconsciously, the seed of organized religion is there and will continue to be there until a reorganized Way of Thinking is practice, which will lead you to know the Truth about that we have been conditioned to believe about the Church, God, Universe, And Life Self.

    What the Catholic Church is saying to the Christian World is that you can not receive Salvation until it is visited upon you by the Catholic Church, now why is that?

    Well I will Tell you why, in the Catholic Church there are many Rituals been set up within the Hierarchy of that Church and only the Pope and those he has sanction to master those degrees of belief, which is what they call steps of Ascension, are qualified to offer Salvation to the Followers call Christian and only on this planet within certain fraternities doesit carry weigth of influence and not in " Heaven.".

    The Foundation upon which those beliefs are set, is based on long stolen Theological Information from our Ancient Divine Black Ancestors, whose theology was based upon the attitude and behavior of the Stars and Planets and the Electric Aspect of the Universe, referred to as the Electromagnetic waves.

    So it was from those elements did the Human Beings, representing the Catholic church, the Doctrine and Rituals was adopted to serve as the corner Stone of the Catholic Church and that is why they created the Jesus Figure and had him to make the Proclamation about the Rock upon which the Catholic Church will stand and will come to be the corner Stone of the Catholic church, so that is why the Catholic church is now making it plain again that there is only One Christian Church and it is the Catholic Church, representing the Universe, liars that they are.

    The Apex of the Catholic church is not the Pope, not Jesus, not Mary, but is Lucifer, that which is the symbol of the Illuminati, bearers of the False light. ( Truth )

    All other religions claiming to be of the Christian Faith or any other faith, such is not a Part of the Catholic Church, therefore they have no connection to the source that issue out Salvation to its followers, those denomination Churches are no more than Ecclesiastical Communes and until they are ready to acknowledge the Catholic Church as being the Primacy of the Christian Religion and they are ready to submit to the papacy as being the Head of the Religion they practice, then they are not considered to be Christian Churches, meaning you are not Churches of Jesus Christ, the Savor of the Christian World , having given all authority to the catholic Church, from which Christian Salvation Flow.

    Now any Black Life that find themselves a prisoner in belief of this Catholic Doctrine, which is in every imitational Church, then you serve as a clear indication that the Mind that came with that Black Body is no longer present and the Fool we have been made to become, because of our ignorance about our Ancient Universal Theology, as was Taught to us by our Ancient First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, disqualify us from having any excuse for remaining a follower of the Pope, he who is the master thief of the Ancient Black Theology and is now Teaching a converted transformed Black Theology, which the Catholic Church has stolen and changed to benefit the Human Beings, and they have converted it to mean and become that which the Catholic Church now advocate about God, and the church offering Salvation to its Christian followers, how sad and pitiful we black folks have become in our ignorance of our Black Theology.

    All religions is a mishap and serve as a diversion from the Divine truth about God, Universe, and Life Self, meaning all religion, regardless of doctrine and denomination, they are all an attribute of the Devil Religion, having not Heaven or Hell to place you in.

    Our Ancient Cosmic First Way Divine Black Ancestors dealt not in religion and today you have many so call Black theologians telling lies about God and that Black Folks created Religion, an institution that carry a doctrine of Lies, deception and fear, such a religious method has no relationship to our Ancient Cosmic First Way Divine Black Ancestors, those people the Black World have no knowledge of today, because we are to busy trying to become Human Beings, the known liars and deceivers of this earth World.

    This man calling himself the vicar of Christ, he now state to you that if your Church does not submit to the Papacy of Roman Catholicism, then you have no church, you just have an ecclesiastical institution, an institution without the Catholic Christian Doctrinal foundation, which is the only church qualified to offer Salvation to its Christian Followers, they being the followers of Lucifer, the religious Head and dominant power over the Catholic Church.

    All Human Beings are followers of Lucifer and all Divine Black Beings are an enemy to that Devilish Lucifer and is the only Being capable of putting Lucifer and his religion to a flight, meaning having no influence over the Black Divine Being, they that know Of The Divine Truth And Reality about God, Universe, And the Black Life Self.

    The Black world as is, it is a prisoner of Lucifer Religion, now transformed to become Afrikan Human Beings and as long as the Black World remain Ignorant of Self and is a transformed Human Being, the Black World will have no access to the Black soul, the Energy Source from which the power of the Divine Truth about God Flow and such information is not available to the Christian Religious Human Being Mind, because there is no religion standing in practice on this Earth that is qualified and capable of rendering Salvation to the Mind of Black folks.

    The Catholic Church is the starter and finisher of organized Institutional Religion, therefore that Church happen to be the Dictator over all religions and do define what constitute being a Church, the one Jesus placed on the Rock and handed to Peter, causing this myth to be the corner stone of all Religion, in which the Divine Truth Does Not Reside..

    This You Can either Accept Or Reject It in All Of Its Divine Truth And Reality, Yet It Remain As Is, being Fearful Of No Religious Doctrine, that is Now being Practiced Upon This Planet Earth.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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