Chief Elder Osiris : From The Pope To The Queen To Obama They Lie To The People

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Jan 3, 2002
From The Pope To The Queen To Obama They Lie To The People

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, I will begin this New Solar Cycle The Way I was doing when the completion of this Earth Solar Orb, which we call a Year in Earthly Motion Revolving Time, and then there is placed upon such motion of the Earth in relationship to the Sun a Number, which is to represent the Number of Earthly revolution around the Sun it has been in the Human Being Life Time, since they gained control of Defining, Classifying, and categorizing everything that relate to your life upon this Planet Earth, which is a lie that they tell and present to you and always have since the Time that they gained control of your Mind, and at this Time, 2010 is a lie, and here after, until you learn the Divine Real Theology Of Time and where we fit in such cyclical motion in the physical Universe, you will not know what Time it is..

Beloved, from the pope to the queen to Obama, they all lie to the people we being the world, the pope has now declared that all discrimination should be no more against each other, in the world, yet the pope will not make a declaration that our Enslaved Ancestors are deserving to be paid their Reparation, since he is the one that blessed the Enslaving of our Enslaved Ancestors and from such a Blessing did the Queen and America United States prosper from the kidnapping, abusing , killing, raping, castrating and abusing our Afrikan Children of that Enslaved Time.

So yes beloved, there can not and shall not be a cessation calling for and demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation today, in this false year of 2010, so designated to be, by Lucifer Himself, he who now rule the world with all of his and her lying and deceiving of the people of the World that is of Lucifer today.

There can not be an elimination of the Class structure in this world, not until the issue of Reparation is Divinely resolved, and it does not matter how deeply your Mind has been evilly penetrated by Lucifer, to have you not to know the Divine value of Reparation to the Black World and therefore to the world in general.

Beloved, any Mind, regardless of how sophisticated it claim to be, by making claim to be oh so Black, Afrikan, Afrikan American, European, Easterners, and Westernized American, if the knowledge of the Sacredness of Reparation and its physical and Spiritual value it represent in the world is disrespected by the world of you all, then there will be no prosperity for the world to enjoy.

Reparation is not some regular social civil issue, it is a command handed down by our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, they being the Divine goddess and gods of the Black World upon this planet call Earth, and it is their DNA that our Enslaved Ancestors did carry, so any disrespect toward the sacred issue Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors , happen to be a disrespect toward the goddess and gods of the Black Family World, and you can take this Divine Truth as you so will your Mind to accept it, and your life condition is depended upon how you direct your Mind to express yourself about Reparation, it being the Divine Commanding Representative of our Enslaved Ancestors.

The Pope, the Queen, and the President Of The United States Of America , they all do not have any respect for our Enslaved Ancestors, the evidence being that our Enslaved Ancestors still remain in the Grave Enslaved, because only the Justice that will enforce the payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation is qualified Divinely to Raise the Dead among and is a Member of the Black so call Afrikan Family.

Beloved, it is a fool, an impostor of those in what they are being portrayed to be, if the act and decree is not in favor of paying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation.

You can not be against that which is Divinely Honorable to be, and then make claim to be of any level of Divine intelligence, ignorance intelligence yes, but Divine Intelligence compel you to fight and Demand for that which is Divinely True and Right, and there is no higher expression of a Divine Spirit, than when you are in action demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

There is no honor in calling for an end to discrimination, Racism, unjustified prejudice, when you do not show the wisdom to know that none of a so call Moral imperative surpass the call for, and Demand for the payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

Beloved, it is Reparation that serve to be the litmus test that will determine if you are in favor of Divine Rights of Justice for us all, we who is a part of this World and now serve to be a part of the Mental illness that plague the Black World today, an illness that will have Black people debating whether or not our Enslaved Ancestors are deserving of receiving their Reparation.

Only a foolish Mental ill Black Mind is in opposition to the paying to our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, because there can not be established a profound reason, Rational, and Logical explanation, given by Black or White, Arab or Jew for not Honoring our Enslaved Ancestors with the respect they deserve by paying to them what is justly owed to them, which is their Reparation, and you tell me there is respect for Black people today, while the nonpayment of our Enslaved Ancestors reveal the lies and deception used to mislead you about how the world truly believe about the Black Divine World, today?

There is something that do not set so well with me about this latest so call Terrorist incident, you see beloved, unless you are among the non-thinkers in the Black World, then yes, you immediately accept everything a liar and deceiver will tell you, just as most of us Black people do not question the 911 incident in the way it was told to us, about the way it happened, and if you believe those were outside Terrorist that destroyed the Twin Towers, then yes you really are a patriotic Black American, always looking and never seeing what you need to see, in order to know what is true and real.

When you do not know how Lucifer has structured his world forces, and those forces are who now control your Mind, then how in the Hell you can make a Divine Rational decision about any event that unfold in your life.

Bush is the creator of Al Qaeda, Bin Lauden in my mind is Dead, yet because they tell you he is alive, you in your believing mind accept what a liar tell you about something that all you need to do is Think about, in order to know the Truth about that which you have been programmed to believe is True.

Now you have a president that look like you but has the spirit of his handlers and they are the evil forces in the world that is against you, they are those that dishonor your Enslaved Ancestors by not settling a debt owed to them for quite some Time, those are the people you choose to trust to tell you the profane Truth and you willingly accept it as so presented to you to be, how pitiful and sad of a Black so call Afrikan People that we are.

Tell me beloved, do Al Qaeda the real terrorist know how to make a bomb or not?

Beloved, that was no bomb the young brother is accused of having on him, because if it would have been, then the world would be dealing with an entirely situation than what it is dealing with now, and that is all I will say about that, because my focus is on our Liberation away from America, with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation in hand, so that we can be about reuniting the Black Family World and reclaiming Afrika.

Reclaiming Our Divine Spirituality is the way we will experience our Mental salvation, beloved and such is needed in order for us to save ourselves, so I will present you with the link that will take you to something that will have the capacity of Freeing your Mind, if a free Mind is what you desire, and yes, it is what you need, that is if we are to receive our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved
Chief Elder


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