Black Poetry : Outlaw: Carpentier Ants

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    We roll to the educational facilities
    cause we wrote ourselves that'away
    into another level where no ak-47 cause touch us
    communicating only about the food water and shelter
    plus whoever endangers the colony foe show run up to get ya'swell up fo not knowing our weather
    stay that pleather
    we roll with booksacks and sacks of tools
    used for carving sawing marking molding
    to be performed artistically onto wood supremely
    sails of silk
    dedicated to the pi rates in all of us
    you need a ticket or club card with key access
    prepaid to get into the very important prestigious
    while dem others getting checked out
    fool you on my land
    and from the air you can get checked out
    cause when you be tripping there ain't no checking in
    and stay preying on the days and nights you fall
    and see dem children running to your rest cue
    seeming like that far indeed
    as your perception plays tricks on your mind
    and stop digging in dem places where bile juices lingers to be exact
    defending yo'enemy's language shows you out as of the strength that you been in the wrong
    youza hypercritical backwards deconstructive enslaved deeply psychologically brain washed done
    a true waterhead indeed
    weeshee washy
    no higher intelligence
    probably afraid to make any move
    just freeze when dat gun with the balls points at you
    and proceed to get bust on
    cause itz yo life
    youbytcheemadesucka waddling in trife....

    so how many museums
    can be made
    when monies get paid into the aspiring hands
    of motivated carpenters?
    Well only the projects finished
    one after the other one will tale
    cause you surely ain't into it
    inspired bout dat hatred fighting yo jaws down
    inside you remain p.o.w.
    outside you shown as puke
    side to side be wooden walls
    in and out between tightness should be flossed
    plaque and calcium
    stupidities of impalas
    blindness plus the startled
    you been tardy for your classes of that curriculum called tomorrow
    i seen you hanging wid sadness
    sewn you must be sorrow...
    as we climb beyond tiers
    touched by others
    pen knives plus totems on mind
    ships to airplanes
    cargo and real Queens
    manifestations keep happening
    blackouts across your frontal lobe
    the flashes
    more nutrients to my Roots
    stalking up my best
    as my better is yet to be seen
    cause it is my life outer sight plus outer mind
    the exact calculation
    ain't caring about you and yours
    the missions must succeed
    carpenters plus transportation vehicles
    outcomes many different several similar points
    adjacent to make one point too acute
    head piercing leaked out made poison on pressure contacted
    the flesh opens
    no regrets nor no coping
    i'm marching with an attitude all the clicks of the future time
    minus yo life....