Black Poetry : Outlaw: A Mystic Horseman's Confidence Course

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    2Pac i keeps laughing at my enemies
    cause my enemies are my obstacles
    and my obstacles i keeps boxing down
    watching the sand spill out dem seams busted
    dey stand still in shock plastic
    when my thighs of cuts knees up tough
    before i lift my torso and upper body off the ground
    from the balls of my Edocherokeeian stronger masculine feet
    over dey heads
    landed on the otherside
    pouncing off in a sprint
    keeping my steady rhythm of consistency
    cause up ahead those twists of a turn
    where the rockiness pebbles sandy can get tricky
    indeed i gets nifty
    plus down on my knuckles pushing up to an effortless fifty
    back into an heir chair stance
    as the invisible throne is appealing real still
    i sits with my arms out one eighty degrees
    from an equilateral triangle unfolded into a straight line of peas
    and more dots you can look at to envision your true egotistical mental fact
    while my guts sweats out tears across my grenades compacted
    exploding into a burst across tha turf as my berth
    all grit from this filler
    up ahead in my confidence course are those bow and arrows
    i can be destined as my riding esteemed thriller
    sew if you aim to be realer
    then reap yourself as the target of society
    and do not forget to be humble with your best
    never selling my Soul out for an earthly test
    cause being a leader comes natural when you got Ancestors from the past
    who gives out missions for you to complete
    knowing you and them can never be obsolete
    so i pulls back my all peacefully with supreme tactic
    remembering being tactically and technically proficient is the standard before the key turns the ignition
    at the age of seventeen i died and came back walking a line of intensified pressurized difference
    giving my Roots all i got of how i can and will burying these nuts is a must
    like a squirrel it is my duty to keep all of my ideas covered up placed out strategically
    then jump back on my Branch of choice to watch you live trife
    while all along you never could see me and never could bee me
    cause i affects brighter mindsets while in the spring season buzzing through as you turn reactive fighting scary as ever and ever(echoing)
    be my code calling to Night Mare to gallop unto me and not you
    let me release the arrow of fiery determination into space traveling continuum for seconds the hit is made
    from this point guard who graphed his latitude and longitude concept of ordinance as an initial public offering
    marketing minks and silks for sale
    to a limited crowd of mostly females
    cause they be knowing the feeling is real across dey skin as each brush whisp and feats dem to be untouched
    a mounted ruler with his reign about no fronts
    who has an attitude like a falcon talons clutching his Branch feathers unruffled chest out with the spirit of Queen Nyabinghi drumming and an almighty do and die visionary upright as he is perched
    let's ride while my two krises crossed with the wooden handles are tucked

    "to be continued in a few years on the real...."