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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    Black World, you have eyes but can not See, you have ears but can not Hear, you have a tongue but speak Lies, you can not feel that which you do not have the conscious to condemn nor understand, you can not smell that which you can not detect all that such a body action require of you.

    Those sensual body action reveal the quality of Mind that is directing and interpreting those actions, so it be the quality of Mind that determine the quality of Life the body is exposed to, and if your Mind is wicked, then your Life is in what we refer to as a Mess and Mess has no relationship with the Greater Good of Life and it is the Greater Good that the Divine Mind expose the Body Life to, in this world.

    Beloved, that being the case concerning Divine Physical action in appearance, then I must ask you to behold the appearance, physical and Mental, of the Black World and tell me what do you observe of us Black People running around pretending to believe what we do not Know the Divine Truth about our Black Life, as we use our senses, which deceive us from knowing whom we Black Folks are, causing us to be totally unaware of our Divinity, Why ? because we have become a prisoner of our Senses, which the Human Being Mind allow for its guidance, so behold the Brand New so call Afrikan Human Being, how we now Look at the World, a view that is nothing like those of you who are qualified to See, a gift that come from the Divine Mind, oh ye of no Divine Mind.

    Tell me, what are colors but prisms of illusion, a imitation of the Shade of Darkness, ( colorless ) yet through the eyes of the Human Being Mind, which is persuaded by the action of your senses, you brand New Afrikan Human Being now go through Life Looking and Wanting and never able to See what you are Looking at or what you Need and in such a physical posture, it is liken to the Blind leading the Blind and such a combinations is certain to produce nothing but misdirected confusion, stumbling every step of the way into such an Ill informed state of being.

    Life Body Living value is recognized by the Attitude and Behavior that flow from the Mind that displays such attitude and behavior before the World and even though there are those in the world that attempt to disguise such a Mental Display, it end up being the Spirit of Action flowing from the Body Life, that reveal the True quality of Mind that is performing the action.

    So I ask of you Black People, what quality of Mind that has the Black world acting and behaving as we do today and is such a Mind proving to be beneficial to the Black World as I speak to you in writing today ?

    Tell me, is the Black World Attitude and Behavior displaying an action that is in Harmony, Order, Balance, with the action of he Universe, do all Black people See, Hear, Smell, Speak and Feel with the Same quality of Mind and is it not a fact that if such was a Divine Reality, the Black World would be acting and behaving in Harmony, Order, and Balance with each other, and would not such a relationship of Acton serve as a display of a Divine Mind in action ?

    You Afrikan american Human Beings run around in america in your Human Being Mind, telling lies to Black people about what our potential is in america and you indicate to Black People that Salvation ( saving our life ) can be received in america and there is no Greater Lie than that, yet it can be planted by the Human Being Mind, to become you Black People Mind, reinforcing such action of deception.

    Freedom, Justice, and Independence, if such is a goal for Black People Life, then such a goal Will not be realized in america, you talk about Black people in a struggle and being in a struggle does not lead to Freedom ,Self-Determination, independence, and the sovereignty of Life for Black people in america, because if all Black People desire to do, is to struggle with white folks in america, I See such a Struggle to be open ended for the Afrkan Human Being, here in america, which is what the Afrikan amercan Human Being has settled to accept as their plight in america.

    The Time has come for Black People to enter into a Fight for our Freedom from america, a Battle until the finish, having Freedom and Justice as a Goal for Black People, a Goal that Will lead to the destination being that part of he Planet referred to as Afrika, the place where there is a Greater Density of Black People, where we reside, than in any other part of this Planet and Trust me, that can be of great significance when those Black People return Back into possession of our Divine Mind, in Unity, Thinking as ONE, when that happen, Afrika Will become for the Afrikan again and the Black World will rise to gain control of the Continent of Black People, and the Afrikan Human Being will never be ale to Understand and Comprehend such a Divine Reality, being in Black Folks Favor

    Oh Ye Of No Divine Mind, you who know not the Gravity of your Strength, if you ever will return to the Mind of your First Way Ancestors, then you will know that there is no meaningful gain to be gotten for Black People in america from america politics, such politics is to be used not to Free Black People but to further imprison the Mind of Black People and replace it with and maintain the Human Being Mind, that which is now of the Afrikan Human Being.

    Where there is the absent of Black Folks Divine Mind, then in no way can the Afrikan Human Being that carry the Human Being Mind, can understand the Sacredness of Reparation, an issue capable of Freeing a Dying Black Nation, but with the Human Being Mind, there is in no way Black People can See the Power inherit in Reparation, Repatriation, and Statehood For the Children of the Middle Passage in Afrika.

    To all who make a claim to be Black or Friends To Black People , no greater way to prove who it is that is sincere, Black, White, Arab and Jew, than to have those making such a claim than to put them to a Litmus Test, with Reparation serving to be the Prime article of Demand, in requiring them to make public their Mind about the Black Children of the Middle Passage receiving their Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, for purpose to be used to serve as the Divine Ark that is to take our Enslaved Ancestors Home, Back To Afrika, En-mass, in Unity, Together, for reason I have Stated above and throughout the The Years That I have been with you, here on these Yahoo groups.

    Oh Ye Of No Divine Mind , you who choose advancement, Progress, and Betterment in amerca, over Freedom with independence, Justice, and the Sovereign of Life, away From america, Back In Afrika.

    Let Reparation be the litmus Test for all to pass, when claiming to be Racially Blind and a Friend To Divine Justice !!!

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]