Chief Elder Osiris : A Profane Mind Is Incapable Of Seeing A Divine Need!!!

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    A Profane Mind Is Incapable Of Seeing A Divine Need!!!

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Just as a Divine Mind is wise enought to know that all Diaspora Afrikans do not desire to return to Afrika, so does the Divine Mind know that all Afrikans who did not make the Middle Passage journey is not mentally qualified to see the Divine need of how those Descendant of our Enslaved Ancestors have a Universal Right to decide how we are to return and politics are not to play a part in such a Divine decision, because in the taking of a plebiscite vote among the Descendants of the Middle Passage, there will be no you win and I lost out come.

    Such a vote will be taken to determine who among the Descendants of the Middle passage desire to return as the next established State in Afrika, and such a decision is left independently up to the Descendants of the Middle passage, and any so call Black Afrikan that has a problem with such a Divine action and Right, that is exclusively the decision of the victims of Chattel Slavery, well they have not the best interest as to what is to become of Afrika, the now divisive occupied Afrika, and the Black World.

    Most Black so call Afrikans now operate under the authority of the Human being Mind, you know, those people who have a history of abusing and oppressing Black People and confessed to be people that Lie and deceive people and have proved to do so to Black people and the world in general.

    So the Universal Divine Right of the Victims of Chattel Slavery has every Divine Right to return to their Enslaved Ancestors Home Land as the next established only to be independently established Reparation Black governing State in Afrika and there can not be a profound reasonable and logical claim why the victims of Chattel Slavery, should not exercise their Universal Divine Right to do so.

    Profane Black Human Being Mind, is not equipped to make Divine Rational decision about what is best needed for Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Nation, proof that such a statement is a pragmatic one, then observe the present Minds that now operate in Afrika and is not now making the decision concerning Afrika and the Black Afrikans States in Afrika as I speak, observe the present condition of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan States and you tell me these are the Minds that is to decide how the victims of Chattel Slavery is to return to their Enslaved Ancestors Home Land ?

    No! No beloved, such mental action would be of the profane Human Being Black Mind, a Mind that is incapable of Seeing the Divine Need of Afrika and the Black divide and diverse Nation, a Nation that is in ruins as I speak and it is all because of profane Black Human Beings who no longer have control of the Divine Mind that was given to us Black people.

    So it would be a derelict of the Children of the Middle Passage duty we have to Afrika and the Black Divided Nation, if we should allow a profane Black Human Being Mind determine the destiny of the Children of the Middle passage in regard to our Divine Universal Right to Afrika and the way we are to return for the sake and greater Good of Afrika and a confused and Divided Black Human Being World, with such profane confusion grounded in that place call Afrika.

    There is not one so call Black Afrikan based on need and not want, that can give a profound empirical Rational and Logical reason as to why the Victims of the Middle Passage should not return as the next and would be only independent State in Afrika, Reparation and all, not one, and you expect me to take down because what is Divinely Universally Right is not so popular with the Profane Mind of the Black Afrikan Human Beings, no beloved, that will only make me to become party to the crime that such a position taken by those Black Human Beings who do not know the last Time that they have made an independent decision concerning Afrika, using their Divine Mind.

    What is it that drive the Black Human Being to act so mental deranged over the belief of the victims of the Middle Passage coming Home as an established only independent State to be in Afrika and to serve as a catalyst to assisting in the unifying the two Land of Afrika again and to cause the Black Nation to become united and Independent again?

    Well, I will tell you what it is, and it is because the Black so call Afrikans do no longer operate with their Ancient First Way Ancestors Mind, which prevent Black people from being capable of being insightful enough to See the Need Afrika and the Black Nation has long been lacking of, and as the saying goes, old habits are difficult to break, if at all.

    For any Black so call Afrikan to be in opposition to the Victims of Chattel Slavery Divine Universal Right to become an independent Reparation State in Afrika, is to be liken to cursing the Honorable Marcus Garvey to his face and be glad he is dead, because you can not see the Divine True meaning in the saying of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, when he stated by proclamation that Africa is for the Afrikan, which it is not as I speak, and Garvey desired a United Black Afrikan Nation, which it is not, which serve as evidence that all that have and is being said and done as I speak, regarding Afrika, is not serving to cause Afrika to be for the Black so call Afrikan, and well, even by you looking at the Black Nation, you can observe that the Black Nation is a dying and divided diverse Nation, serving to its own detriment and I am to be swayed by such Minds that cry out against the establishment of a Diaspora Black only independent State in Afrika?

    No beloved, the Human Being style politics have no influence on me, to the point that I will refrain from sharing with our Black Children of the Middle Passage of our Universal Divine Right to return to Afrika as the nex,t and to be the only independent State in Afrika.

    On such a Divine issue as the Universal Right the Children of the Middle Passage have to Reparation, the Right to Return to Afrika, and to do so, as the next established State, independently so, there is no Pro and Con regarding this issue, when the thoughts are Divinely used to dignify and respect such a Divine Right the Children of the Middle passage has to the Land of our Enslaved Ancestors and should be shared with the Descendants of Chattel Slavery, without taking on the attitude and behavior of the Human Being Mind-Set, regarding this Divine Right that need to be extended to the Children of the Middle Passage.

    What an arrogant and display of a Mental breakdown, to ask the children of the Middle passage, those that advocate our Return as the next established State in Afrika, where in Afrika are we going, what mean and selfish question to put forth to the Children of the middle passage, as if Afrika is lacking of Land use by those of us that have endured the evil of Chattel Slavery, Segregation dressed in the Human Being Racism and unjustified Prejudice toward Black People in america and throughout the Diaspora, it being that we find ourselves in a place we had no choice of being and have yet to be respected enough to approach us, the Children of the Middle passage, as to whether we choose to remain where we are or to return back to where our Enslaved Ancestors were stolen and sold from, the place referred to as Afrika and yet and still we now have the Black so call Afrikans, Human Beings they now are, looking down their Black nose at us children of the Middle passage, as if they have something that do not belong to us as well, and you tell me that the Black so call Afrikans are operating not under the control of their Brand New Human Being Mind, and I am suppose to be guided by such a confused Mind, when it come to how we Black Afrikans believe about the Children of the Middle passage, claiming that we have no Divine Right to return to Afrika as the next established self governing State, while there can not be produced a Profound and Divine Reason why Not.

    A Profane Mind is not capable of seeing the Divine need of Afrika and the Black Divided Nation and I will remain firm in knowing how we Children of the Middle passage is to return, because there is no room for compromise when the Divine Truth is involved, so take your Human Being politics and peddle it to those weak profane Minds among us, whom you can sway your profane way of believing, regarding the Right of the Children of the Middle Passage to return to Afrika as a New established Self-Governing Reparation State.

    Divine True Garveyites change not at every coming of a strong profane wind, as Garvey has said, he planted the seed of Black Afrikan Nationalism so deep, until the wind nor the whirl wind is capable of up rooting it, so I have no respect for a weak Human Being Mind, attempting to portray its self as a Garveyite, moving in its position at every blow of a profane Black so call Afrikan wind.

    All that cry out to be Black Afrikan will not have the desire to return to Afrika, state or no state, their Mind is in the prison of the Human Being Mind, a mind I have no respect for, just pity for, but it is the foolish and ignorant Mind that serve to be a danger to Afrika and the Black divided Nation, because it is such Minds that now have Afrika and the Black Nation divided and now is attempting to keep the coming New Diaspora State from rising in Afrika, a State that represent the uniting of the two Afrika Land and the Black so call Afrikan Nation, that is the reason for the Black Afrikan Human Being being in opposition to the coming New State in Afrika, the Black Human Being Afrikan, they being not capable of having the insight to see deeply through the morass of the Human Being Mind and behold the Divine Need of Afrika and the Black Nation, it being the establishment of the New State by the Children Of The Middle Passage, in Afrika.

    A foolish Mind I pity but an ignorant Mind, you need to be cautious of, because one is occupied in the foolishness displayed, but ignorance is a deliberate danger to all, even to self, that sort of evil I will not respect and will remain mindful of its presence.

    The Black Afrikan has taken on the Human Being persona, so how and what they say and believe of me, has no effect, but I remain diligent in my observation of those victims of the Human Being Mental persuasion, yet my Love for the Black Nation remain firm, because I know whom we are and what we once were, and is capable of becoming again, that is if the strong among us remain firm in that we know to serve to be the greater Good for Afrika, and the Black World Needs, and not Wants.

    My companion is not of a buddy, buddy clan, I walk in the company of the Divine Truth, guided by our First Way Ancestors and if my obedience to such divinity, require me to remain firm in that I know is Divinely True and I find my self in the company alone, with such a majority, then so be it.

    The Divine Truth, Some Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth, in favor of the Profane Lie.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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