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    The Wisdom Of The Divine Black Mind And The Savagery Of The Human Being Mind.

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe , Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    You can tell the Mind that is of special use by the quality of the Information that proceed out from it and by the spirit you display.

    But the deceiving mind, It will be with information that your sense can not recognize to be evil, because your Mind is not in Divine relationship with your sense that cause you to be able to distinguish that action of sensations that occur by your body life function.

    So, when you black people no longer have the ability to know and understand when there come someone in your presence that is of unique ability to be in possession of information that factual contradict the information that you have been made to become addicted to, even and if you do, you by instinct, rather than to humble yourselves, you invoke the trinity of evil, by the spirit you demonstrate, those evils being the vane ego, envy, and jealousy, which fuel you to rather embrace continuously, evil, instead of that which is Divine.

    What a sad and pitiful Black People we have been made to become, choosing evil over the Greater good that Life is deserving of.

    There is nobody with a Divine Mind rising, that can not see that Obama is not who you had hoped he would be.

    You Black people, most of you had no quality of mind that would let you see who Obama was to be, as president of America.

    Yet you had been informed that this Man going under the description of being Black, is not Black, not in the way you hoped he would be.

    So, even today when the Master Teacher is teaching you, showing to you that this man obama, is a danger to Black people, you still choose to use your Lucifer Human Being Mind, in disorder to recognize and put trust in him, the Master Teacher being Experience.

    So, tell me, is the Black life in better social, educational, spiritual and economic condition than now that Obama has appeared?

    Hell no, the economy of America is in a melt down, Black people is in an up swing in ignorance, we are a Social disgrace as we submerge ourselves deeper, in Lucifer religion. .

    I am not implying that Obama ever was or is in a position to do more for you than the past presidents did for you.

    The Thing that have Black People expecting much to come from Obama that will bring parity with justice treatment in America, is complete ignorance of the structure of the World.

    There is no Head Of State in any government that has the power of authority with autonomy to act at will, without dictated guidance, which come from the most filthiest wealthy families in the world, making them to be the True power and authority over world Governments.

    Those families comprise to be the Luciferians Illimunati evil forces over the world Governments that is in control of the World lives.

    So, here you people who constitute the world, and is believing that you have control of your life, when there is not the evidence that bear out such a belief.

    So, like all of the presidents before Obama, is what verify that Obama is a flute, an imitator of a president, and he does not have no responsibility but to carry out the orders of Lucifer the Human Beings, they who know that it is to their advantage to not ever allow Black people to Live with a Mind that Think independently from the Mind that now have you expecting the change Obama promised you, which he is on schedule to keep, a change that is going to bring greater devastation to your Black waiting do nothing Black behind.

    The World is under attack by the thieves who is famish for control over the world, and is on plan schedule to accomplish their goal, as long as Black people remain ignorant believers about life.

    Greater death is coming to America, not to be caused by Nature alone, but by the enemy of Nature, they who choose to rival the Divine Essence.(GOD)

    Divine wisdom tell us Black people that we need to be doing what is necessary to get us out of America.

    The Human being Mind have you believing that America is Black folks country, and to stay put, even when all signs of Time is showing you how ignorant it is for Black people to believe that such a relationship Black people have with America, is justified.

    All the signs show that America is not to ever be as it was when it was stolen, it was evil then and more evil now.

    Lucifer has a plan to divide America into regions, one separate from the other by a Body of Water.

    Lucifer will use his Doom Day Machine, the Interferometer Weapon to cause havoc in America, causing Earth quakes, Tsunami, and all other sorts of Nature like appearance, to cause disasters.

    The Time is now that Lucifer will show his evil without respect to Life and Nature, and the only worthy foe to Lucifer, is the Black Nation functioning with our Divine Mind.

    But hell, you have been taught to believe that there cannot anyting of a greater good to come from Black people, and you have perfected liing that lie to the level you believe that you Black people , which represent diine order, is not qualified to confront Lucifer the devil, Satan the liar and deceiver of the black world to the point that we black people live our lives not knowing who in Hell we are.

    Information without confrontation, is a disservice to Freedom

    Be Kind to your selves, beloved

    Chief Elder
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