Chief Elder Osiris : When Out Of Your Divine Mind Everything Of A Greater Good For Black People seem Impos

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    When Out Of Your Divine Mind Everything Of A Greater Good For Black People seem Impossible To Attain

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Have you ever ran into those Black Folks who believe that they are the only one who know what is attainable for Black people in this world, and what is not, and they are basing their decisions using the Mind that the oppressors of Black People have conditioned us to use, have you?

    Well, they are the Rote learners among Black People and they take everything only that they can look at as being the Reality of the Fact of Life, and they never have anything Divinely inspiring to serve up to Black People, while attempting to appear so well learned about those things that require for you to use your Divine Mind to understand and to know about in life.

    There are those who offer their opinion without knowing the internal facts about that which they opine about, basing such an opinion on what they call research, and the research gathered, extend no further than the Mind of our oppressors, the liars and deceivers that they are.

    All information gathered require a Mind qualified to interpret and understand, and that information will tell you no more than what your mind is calibrated to believe, because in the act of your research, you are receiving the mind opinion of those responsible for writing that which you are using to do your research about,

    So, when you are occupied with the Devil Mind, then the conclusion you reach, researching the devil opinion about the things that have you researching, then that is not the conclusion that your original Mind have reached, but it be the Mind of your oppressors that you have used to reach the conclusion you reach, concerning that you have researched, because it is the Devil Mind that now guide the Body life of most Black people.

    So, whenever I see or read, or hear of Black people disrespecting Reparation, then I know that the Mind that is being used to dissuade Black people from pursuing our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, is the Mind of those who have given us cause to Demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, because they are the people who now enjoy the spoils gained from Enslaving our Ancestors, which now give us the obligation to demand what Divinely rightful belong to our Enslaved Ancestors, which is their Reparation.

    So, any so call Black Afrikan who come out making claim that Reparation is an impossibility for Black people to attain, they do so under the control and guidance of a profane oppressor Mind, because such a mind in possession of Black people, does in fact cause Black People to be only qualified to look at the oppressors as being insurmountable to over come, in the fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and we believe that way, because in our oppressors mind, we have been made to believe about those who have oppressed Black people, as being God over the life of Black People, and with such a looking vision, all power appear to be in the Mind of White, Arab, and so call Hebrew people, and such power is insurmountable for Black people to conquer, so believe the profane mind of Black people.

    Well you must come to be able to see that in the range of your Divine Being Self, it is how you have been qualified to see, that will verify what you know, and to know, require for you to be able to use your Mind in such a way that there is no wavering doubt to interfere with the energy of your soul, an energy that must be received in a spirit of undoubted assurance, which require that such a pattern of Mind thought, must be flowing in Harmony, Order, and Balance, with the rhythm of the Harmonic vibration of the Universe, complying with the electromagnetic flow coming from the pulsating rhythm of the Star- Sun, all being the verification of a Divine Essence presence, in such Divine Harmony, Order, and Balance of Energy action.

    All such action being express by a Infinite Divine spirit and when you learn to synchronize the action of your Mind, to be that of the thoughts that come in Harmony Order, and Balance from the Divine Energy, constituting the Soul, then will you come to know that there is nothing profane capable of short circuiting that which is Divine and a Divine Mind action is in fact qualified of collecting our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    That is why a few years back, I shared with you a need for a Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, but you could not then and do not now, comprehend the power of the Mind that is not burden down with the profanity of Religious Belief, that which block the Black Original Mind from rising in all of its Divine splendor.

    To the Religious Believer, such Divine Spirituality is not believable, because it is required for you to know what constitute the Divine Essence (GOD) Of All Things.

    Therefore, absent of such Divine Knowledge will have you heaping praise upon your oppressors, making claim that Reparation is impossible to attain, all because of the power you give to your lying and deceiving oppressors, Black and White, Arab and Gentile alike.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]