Chief Elder Osiris : It is A Foolish Mind That Would Criticize The Self Confidence And Divine Arrogance,

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    It is A Foolish Mind That Would Criticize The Self Confidence And Divine Arrogance, Honorable Marcus Garvey Showed To The World

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing Divine Information And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    It is the idiot that does not keep company with Divine Intelligence, And it is the Fool that has no relationship with Sanity.

    It is the Negro Afrikan that glorify those which function with limitation placed on the Mind, such a handicap reveal the character of the Negro who willingly confess what is shared with you by the Negro, is done so without self confidence in that which is being shared with you, which is not the Divine Trth.

    What good is a Mind that function with limitation, it function already with an attitude of defeat, and is unsure about that which it tell to you.

    The Honorable Marcus, when he spoke he spoke with the character of knowing what he shared with Black people was in fact Divinely True and he did not back down when Negroes of his Time proceeded to attack him for what he know and not what he believed was and is the path for Black people to travel if Afrika is to be for the Afrikan and the Afrikan is to become a Unified Nation again.

    Such is what was the thrust and driving force that revealed that he knew about what Afrika and Black Folks needed to do in order to become free again.

    the Honorable Marcus Garvey and all those preceded him, who were in the know of what we Black people need to do in order to become self respectful again, none did not back down nor did they waver in that which they knew were the action Black people needed to take if Freedom was on our Mind.

    You may label such self confidence which the Honorable Marcus Garvey displayed when sharing with Black people information that informed Black people about who we are and what is needed to be done in order for Black people to become Black, Proud, and free again, to be a show of arrogance in possession of that which is Divine True, but it take nothing away from the fact of the matter he was sharing with us Black people.

    The Honorable Marcus Garvey knew the mental limitation of all of those negroes who attacked him for knowing what he knew, concerning what Black people were and is now confronted with in their Black Body life, and yet, he was the center of attack by Negroes with limited abilities that prevented them from embracing the Divine Truth as was shared by Garvey to Black people, informing Black people about what needed to be done to save Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Nation.

    So, is Garvey to be ignored and disrespected for not ever visiting Afrika?

    Does what Garvey shared with us become any less Divinely True?

    So what did the Honorable Garvey Say about such limitation that Black people who would put such limitation on their mind to the point that it prevented Black people from being appreciative for the Divine Truth that Garvey was sharing with Black people, about Black people, and Black people condition in life?

    Well, this is what the Honorable Garvey knew of Black people action who would be unjustly be critical of him.

    The Honorable Marcus Garvey shared with us, and I paraphrase, When all that someone Black does in the fight for Afrika and Black people liberation, sharing information that does not come from a mind that function with limitation, such an unlimited Mind coming from someone Black, the Mind without limitation end up receiving the ingratitude of the negro that function with a mind that has a limit to how far it can not go, using the believing process.

    So to all who are in the know of the Divine Truth and is sharing such Truth with Black people, you must not allow a Mind that function with limitation that cause it only to be able to believe and not to know what we Black people need to do in order to save Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation from experiencing a total mental melt down, which is what cause Black people to attack the Messenger when the Message is untouchable by the use of a limited functioning Mind.

    The greatest success Lucifer has had with Black people is to have Black people to despise the Divine Truth, and it is such a Truth that come from not a Mind that function with limitation, but with a Mind that is without limits in knowing that which is Divinely True.

    So what does the ignorant negro does, well we glorify our Mental limitation by indicating to each other that there is no one amongst us Black Folks that has the self confidence to be able to know, in order to have Divine information revealed to you and it is such a quality of information that is without limitation, and only a Mind that is without limits in knowing what is Divinely Real and True is capable of having Divine information to be revealed to it.

    So it is the foolish Afrikan who would believe that the Mind is to function with limitation, which will have you to only believe your way through life, and to do so, you will remain just as Lucifer the Human Being has conditioned you to believe about your Black so call Afrikan selves, and that is, Black people are to remain a slave to those with a history of raping your Divine Mind and cause it to become a profane mind that glorify its limitation from knowing that which is Divinely True and Real to the Black Body life.

    Beloved, it is a profane Mind that runs from a Divine Mind and a profane Mind does not desire to have a Divine relationship with a Mind that function without limitation in the use of the Method of Thinking.

    Show me someone Black who will attack the information shared with us by the Honorable Marcus Garvey and I will show you who is the genuine Fool among us Black so call Afrikans, attack the messenger all that you want, but the message coming from a Divine Mind is flawless, and only a fool would be critical of that which is divinely True and Real.

    So, what is Divinely True and Real concerning the Black so call Afrikan?

    Well, it is that most of us now have been made to function with limitation placed in our method of believing, which prevent such a mind from Thinking Divinely, and it is that which is Divine that is without limitations.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Vainness of Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, the Trinity of Evil, such are the principles that a mind with limits function under, and in no way will I allow such a faulty Mind have influence over that which I share with you Black people.

    Because as I often share with you, is that I share Divine information with you without it being with the effort of a hard sell to you, as I remind you about the Divine information that I share with you, which is, you may accept or reject, either way it does not diminish the Divine Truth not one iota of such Divine Truth.

    Who amongst us today, that will stand to be critical of the Honorable Marcus Message to the Black Nation, and I will show you the most dangerous Black Afrikan that stand among us.

    Because, such a stupid stand would reveal who it is that is against Afrika being for the Afrikan and for the Black Afrikan Nation becoming a United Black Nation again.

    Yes, that is all that Garvey was revealing to Black people, which was for us to be Black and proud and never to forget that Afrika belong to you the Black Afrikan and that we are deserving to become a Black Unified Nation again.

    Beloved, such is what all of the Divine Information is about and more, that I share with you, because all who make a confession to be one with the Honorable Marcus Garvey should be qualified to advance the information that the Honorable Marcus gave to us Black people, and such is all that I do in my effort to share the Divine Truth with You black so call Afrikans.

    A Divine Mind without limitation automatically reveal a certain arrogance about it, because it is such a Mind that is given to know the Divine Truth, which is without limitation.

    Therefore, it is such a Divine Mind that is with the approval of our Cosmic Divine Ancient First Way Ancestors.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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