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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris:

Our Ancient First Way Divine Cosmic Black Ancestors say, never give credence to the Mind that speak that which is not of a creation of your own Mind and that which is of your own Mind, is the information first given to us by our Ancient First Way Ancestors, a Divine part of our Lineage that the Black World has Forgotten and now there be those of us that are becoming reacquainted with the Primal Knowledge given to us Black Folks, before all others was in motion to become as they are, they having a claim to the Anthropomorphous appearance in the Universe and thus upon this young Planet we Black People now refer to as Earth.

Beloved, I Have Come Among You Walking In The valley Of Lies, And Deception, Engulf in Ego and Meanness of Spirit ( attitudinal Behavior ) toward the Divine Truth and it is all because the Divine truth make no acquaintance nor Friends with Profaneness, that which is in Direct Opposition to the Divine Truth.

We have enter into a change of dispensation of Time, which cause a Mental Dimensional Shift, meaning that, what we once held to be True and was introduced to you outside the Black Mental Domain, such is no longer viable to the Black Mind, because the original Mind is reappearing into the action of the Body Life process, giving Black People for these Times, an opportunity that bring a reawakening to those that seek after the Mind we once was Given, by our Divine First Way Ancestors, meaning the Mind we originally possessed, was in fact Divine.

Therefore, now here I am, a Devout Seeker to become reacquainted with my Divine Mind, I find my self, not to my surprise, walking in the valley of the Shadow of Lies and Deception, the Valley Black People have been Tricked to Travel and not to realize that Path of Lies and Deception has been made to appear to the Profane Mind about all things pertained to GOD, Universe, and Our Black Self, to be the Gospel Truth and therein be in the valley and the Shadow of Lies and Deception, is a once Black Divine Nation, whose Time has come again, giving us exposure to our Divine Information about GOD, Universe, And Our Black Selves, and yet, there will be those among us that will not be Mentally Strong enought to realize What Time It Is Today, and not to Know that this is the Time For Black People Spiritual Reawakening, implying that we Black People were once in Time, awake to the Divine Truth, which energize the Black Mental Spiritual Awareness.

There is not one Thing that Black People who are of the Mind of Confusion, entangled in Lies and acts of Deception, can say to you, things about GOD, Universe, And our Black Selves that we have not already heard and such information be Born in Lies and Shaped by action of Deception.

Because in the Human Being Profane Mind, everything changes to meet the Wants of the Profaned, a motion that Move in a Lineal direction, From one Stagnated Point to the other, and not Cyclical, where Nothing Change in the Circle Of The Divine Truth, one Motion causing Irrational Emotions, moving in a Straight Line, from one End that reveal Lies to the other end that reveal Acts of Deception, always changing to cause confusion, and always masquerading as Truth, while the other action remain in a Constant flow, Revealing the Divine Truth, while GOD Never Change, nor Does The Universe, and Neither Did you Black People, when we were enclosed in our Divine Mind, Knowing What God Is, What The Universe Represent, and knowing the Black Divine Being Place in those Dynamics of such Divine Action, but today, Black People Know Not The Ways And Action Of Our Ancient First Way Ancestors, thus we remain ignorant of God, Universe, and our Black Selves..

Well beloved, a major shift has taken place in the Universe, which is causing you who do not see, not to be able to reclaim your Divine Mind, which now cause you to question everything that the Divine Being has taught you about GOD, Universe, And Self, and now the Universe is revealing the Things Taught to us by our Ancient First Way Ancestors, they that are Divine and Revealing.

There are those among us that Focus on that which cause confusion and do so because they are enemies to the Divine Truth, many of you are, in your action to justify that which is none revealing, concerning the Divine Truth about God, Universe, and Our Black Selves, believing with Hope, that which the Human Being has told us about god, Universe, and Our Black Selves, claiming it to be the Truth and Nothing but the Truth.

Yet in ever tale spoken about the Human God, there be a stream of Lies, coated in Deception, which have changes with every coming generation, yet there is not one Thing said about the Human Being God that have not been heard before, even though the Religious Tale change to fit the coming generation, such is the personality and character of the Human Being Religion, many side to changing Lies.

Such Religious Deception does not exempt the Declining Black World from shaping a Doctrine to meet the Religious Standards of the Human Being, as we attempt to go into the Ancient Time of our Ancestors, making no distinction to the stolen and misrepresented Theological Knowledge, used by the Human Beings, and by the Descendants of our First Way Ancestors, as we misunderstand the Symbology of GOD, calling such Profane Doctrine, Ancient Afrikan Religion, doing so, because our Divine Theology, we no longer remember.

Therefore, when those of us come along, having the Revelation from our divine First Way Ancestors, there be those among us, infested with the Virus of Religion of all sort, attempting to confuse the Black Masses, with a profane Afrikan Religion and the Human Being Religion, not realizing that Whom Our First Way Ancestors Has Marked to Share the Divine Black Being Theology, the Devil of a Hellish Spirit ( Attitude, Behavior ) is not qualified to Hinder nor Affect the Marked Ones among us, they who are given to Share and Teach the Divine Truth about GOD, Universe, And Our Black Selves, seeking no acculades from you.

Irrational Emotion, Envy, Ego, Evil Vanity, Jealousy, all Enemies to the Divine Way of Life, will cause you to despise the Divine Truth, creating a Valley of Lies and acts of Deception.

Yet with all Humility, I inform you Black People about that I know, which come not from a created Jesus by the Human Being, but from our First Way Ancestors, from whom My Divine Information flow, that which you can no longer remember, as long as you remain captive in the Human Being Mind.

Do you not know that such Divine Information, it come from our Divine First Way Ancestors, they that are aware of the Divine Truth, concerning that which we refer to as God and is in the know of the Origin of their Revelation?

They that are embedded in Religion of all sorts and of many generations, they have nothing to tell you that you have not been told or have not read or is available for you to read, with most of it if not all of it having the Mind Print of the Human Beings, all over such Religious Tainted information, from Ancient Afrikan Religion to modern day Human Being Religion, all of it fall short of being the Divine Truth about God, Universe, and the Black Self, though there be some closer than others to the Divine Truth, but then such does not count for something, because when Dealing with the Divine Truth, you become either Hot in your desire to Reclaim your Divine Mind or you be Cold in settling for the Human Being Religion, because in Divinity, Luke Warm does not count in the Circle of Divinity, leaving you to grow to despise me for being obedient to our Ancient First Way Ancestors and for Revealing the Divine Truth about GOD to you, something you once knew and can come to know again, if you were not so stout Minded, using the Human Being Mind, as you make claim to the Gospel Profaneness, masquerading as GOD Truth, he whom you claim created the Universe, a sign you do not know what GOD Is.

Therefore, I will walk through the shadow of Religious Lies and acts of deception, I Know of the Evil of Religion, yet I fear not the agents of such Religious Lies, because the Divine Truth is indestructible and Change Not, causing me, as I behold the Black Nation, to see that there is a shift taking place in the way Some Black People are beginning to use our Divine Mind, having the courage to question the Devil Religion and those who have been deceived by Religion, it being the weapon used to destroy a Black Civilization, preventing that Black Nation from knowing the Divinity in Unity, a Dynamic relationship required of Black People, that is if Afrika is to return back to the Black so call Afrikan, and if Respect is to return to the Black Nation.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder


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