Black Poetry : Just wanna write

consult your heart about what it desires
then let your soul inform the rest of you what it requires
only you can visualize what’s at your core
and when and how you expect your love to pour
from the sky mixed with She confetti pieces
raining colorful like M&Ms riding Reese’s pieces
whether in the real or online
gonna continue to try to sex your mind
cause wooing you is by the Ancestors design
and you darling are so unusual
which is why I keep you in my cares visual

All Love
make sure to keep my trusty map handy
cause My Him is like sweet and sour candy
never know which direction he gone go
cause Him love to put on a show
can change personas in a flash
but all wanna splash my gravy on the dash
last night put on his leather cap
graced my inbox with his rap
had me feeling stuff
while he huff and puff
kept a clear head
staring up at him from my bed
oh it’s a lie about his size
as sure as the sun rise
She quotes about him true and wise
for a fact zero rhyme with hero
a superhero he be so listen to this
poem blowing you a major kiss
no one can talk bad about My Him
less they ready to rumble at the gym
make my blood boil doing Him wrong
cause for sure he ain’t puny he strong

**because the world is full of kryptonite
that tries to zap you of all your strength
sometimes i forget you are not a superhero
who is invincible with an S branded on your chest

sometimes i forget you have heart wounds too
and need me to be that unselfish woman
who builds within her love a safe haven for your heart
where it cannot be harmed by the pollutants in the air
so that it can heal unafraid and then breeze free

sometimes i forget all you want to do is
come lay your head on my breast
close your eyes and think of absolutely nothing
while i toy with your ear and stroke your back
without me uttering a single word

sometimes i forget you just need me to be sexy
allowing your body to drink from the softness of my skin

yes, sometimes i forget all you want and need
is to be assured you are cherished and loved**
ah he walk around with a brain that blings
and then raps about important things
cause he know his gaze she can read
while his verse not only beg it plead
I know you got enough money
bought a new car and wanna take a ride
play in backseat with She seek than hide
but have you put the key in the ignition yet
ain’t put no gas in the car I bet
and what in the heck is that smell
really you bringing pig feet to the dale
for our picnic boy what the hell
all I want is a chocolate covered strawberry
to make me feel sensual and Christmas merry
oh shoot gotta run to the playground quick
we gone make love on a pogo stick
let it bounce up and down
and twirl round and round
while juggling balls
jockeying a bull in the stall
getty up it’s a rodeo
cowgirl on her flirt it’s a show
of love and affection
looking at the shadow of her own reflection
stick her tongue out
he say, girl what’s that all about
run my fingers through his hair
he say, I don’t even care
let’s just go neck at the fair


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