Black Poetry : Just wanna write

secured for you a safe space in my mind
where the view is picturesque and sublime
comes with all the needed perks
for your thought that lurks
between the shadows searching with a highlighter
for the words that strengthens our tether tighter
and brought us together as two love writers
finding in poetry something nowhere else in the world
a way to play into each other’s heart as a boy and a girl
after they meet and greet
kiss her left cheek
secure seatbelt in front seat
in her hand clutch map
She asleep thighs gap
he smile and gaze, with my lady
and I know I’m her baby
me! ain’t gotta impersonate no one
driving cross country all this sun
on my face and She with lace
from outta space
and dainties folded in her suitcase
did’t turn out to be a calamity
I know his love as the remedy
for good health now we truly family

I love you, Dear Heart
he got mad swag
treat her to a Chanel bag
on the way to a place soul jumbo
to dine on some shrimp gumbo
to celebrate survival this is not a test
soon alterations to my breast
but for your head still a place to rest
and think of absolutely nothing
realizing love is the ultimate bling
out on the moon or this planet
fix things like it’s the premier gadget


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