Black Poetry : Just wanna write

bOo why you tell that boy
my pie crust maybe dry as dust
i get that you don’t want another boy with me
but did you have to tell him i always gotta pee
that aint none of his business
and nothing you have witness
but if i have that issue
don’t blab just hand me some tissue
look if you not sure how to do this
just feed me food then a kiss
promise that will do the trick
pray that be the solution you pick
he say, “He wrote a love letter to start.
A conversation about love
Marriage and stuff”
that is really sweet
now when you gone move your feet
I know you feel stuck like a truck
in the mud but gotta push through
if you want She to be with you
I’m sleepy let me go count sheep
like Little Bo Peep

**laughter is good for our Soul
I had fun playing today
thank you**
let me try be fair
tiara diamonds glistening in my hair
acting all aloof
but body heat burning down the roof
house walls are still sound
so I continue to flirt around
in front of a bear on the sofa
he serious no joker
my body a cigar and he its smoker
can’t wait to feel you sweat
getting everything you gone get
I’m a Black Soul Sister
loving a Black Bold Mister
a natural born leader
who’s a passionate bard and reader
with a brain or two and love the rain
a Goat with great fame
everyone speaks his nickname
makes me feel sexy and desired
need no interview you hired
love breezy enough to fly a kite
and make me write verse all day and night


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