Black Poetry : i wanna write a poem

THEN write us a poem...

...that shake us to our very core
have us begging for more of your
alphabet-mixing tease
as you please our mental fix
i mean....QUICK
come on
write us a poem
that brings sunshine to a rainy day
tell us the words you'd say
to ignite our dreams
to float this theme of

i wanna write a poem

come on
write us a poem
i wanna write a poem that speaks a romance to the little blue lines…

that whispers into the ears of the sheet…

a poem retold by the pages to the breeze

words that end up on stop signs

on bottles of wine

words retold by the river to the seas..

phonetically carried by the movement of the trees…

and by feathered wings

by the buzz of bees… even carried by ants to hilltop openings.. .

to backroom basement poker scenes

jotted on the sides of toilet seats

and in permanent ink

and they’ll not even know how they know this piece…

from where or when those words speak

just hearing them in their heads

in their souls

in their sleep

pleading in the background while they read

even when they’re turning channels on the TV

watching the big screen at the movies..

a poem you can hear through the water in the shower scene…

in broken english, spanish, and japanese

and even in brail for when you can’t see…

words that calm the babies…

tame the savage beast

that you can read over the dirt to make grass grow green… even kill all the weeds

to sprout new trees

even landscaped rivers and streams..

it shakes hands with the rays of the sun

with the very beams..

slingshots through the universe

the galaxy

all the polka dots lights we see..

a poem that carries the message to alien life forms

they’ll “phone home” like ET

pointy lightbulb fingers.. carry the message put forth by the earthling peep




read me aloud… into the breeze.

reach out to me

I would love to hear this spoken!

Great piece! You put tha :court: down!


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