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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
My Him a man of action
follow up words of passion
he is not afraid to be
loving beyond poetry
don’t care if told Him a legal wimp
only you can assign fear placement
in your mind and must think twice
if you ever want the throwing of rice
boys concentrate on the bed
strut butt a tiara on my head
switched lipstick from red to plum
hoping one Man think yum
feeling soft in a peach peekaboo nightgown
frost outside on the hard ground
eyeshadow cast by the moon
in the room listening to a foxxy tune
the entire album plays nonstop
weigh the needle with a penny on top
lying on the chaise staring at the ceiling
thought of My Him milling
about in my mind
moonlight peeking through the blinds
the softness of its light feels like a kiss
these are the kind of nights I miss
sometimes have misplaced phones
but no don’t have brittle bones
one boy saucy say want a date
hot and willing to pay full freight
but now got me doubting
he’s ready for an outing
cause claim he desire cake
but afraid of making a mistake
got a gaze that’s top notch
bewitched her playing hopscotch
for all boys keep my dress down
they still watch me strut around
wintertime some spots still have frost
not hoodwinked bamboozled nor lost
have no clue who She rhyming to do you
spring about to do its spring thing
ushering in nice and clean new dreams
tasty like peaches and cream
atop a bowl full of ice cream
purchased at the circus before the side show
naw ain’t no one changing the trajectory of my flow
cause rocking lyrics is one thing I know


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