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    When asked the question, does your age protect you from your love? Most adults answered No! Then why through the eyes of society age does matter? Most adults look at the age of the two individuals instead of whether or no they love one another. Through the wyes of a teenage girl, she can care less whether he is in his early, mid, late 20’s or even 30’s. All she knows is that she thinks she loves him and that he treats her with respect. Whether or no it is love or lust is not the problem. The problem is why does everyone think that an individual that young could not have feelings for someone that is older than they are?
    It is a proven fact that girls mature faster than boys. While boys are still into their video games, girls are thinking how they can pursue their future in career and family life. Speaking from experience, it is much harder to have a decent conversation without talking about sex with the average teenage boy. Through the eyes of a teenage boy a girl is something with a ***** in which he will not have to jack his **** as long as he is with her. He is not into getting to know her likes and dislikes. In actuality, he could careless. So instead of stooping down to their level of immatureness with an individual their age, they progress to a higher level and start socializing with older individuals.
    The age of the two individuals in the relationship with someone your own age. What some adults fail to realize is that, why be with someone that is around your age and they do not give you the respect you deserve and run over you? That ain’t love. Many people say, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.” It’s a lie. If that were the case, this question would not have risen. I am not saying that everyone should encourage and older/younger relationship, but if it happens so let it be. The point of the matter is if the two individuals in the relationship really loved each other, regardless of what anyone may say or may think they still are going to be together. In my perspective, I say “If they really loved and trust each other and they are both getting the respect they deserve, who are you to judge or have any say so in whether or not they should be together. Why would you keep them from that fulfillment?” So I say that your age does not protect you from your love, but in society’s eyes it always will.
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    in age a point a child should not be with a man or woman
    first they don't even know love to love yes age should be protected to a point but once of age the choice should be of them the two mates even if he/she is older but til that point
    a child should not seek such and any older person should not
    look to his or her child to mate with it only show they steping
    ova the lines of respect
    but i agree no one can judge or be of judgement
    protection for a child will always be