Black People : A Disrespectful Mind For Time, Is A Mind That Does Not Use Time Wisely!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Osiris Akkebala <>

A Disrespectful Mind For Time, Is A Mind That Does Not Use Time Wisely!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

The Black Afrikan Race has no respect for Time because a Race of people living in Mental bondage and does not spend all of the Time required to return back to its Freedom, is a Mind living unwisely and a mind without the use of wisdom is a Mind loaded down in educated belief and believe is a Demon to the Mind that does not Think, beloved Black Afrikan people.

Share with me Black Afrikan people, when living in an environment that your Mind does not create for you and your children, what are you doing to occupy your time, whatever it is , does not meet the requirement of being a wise Thinking Mind since the living condition we are in is subjected not to the wisdom of our Divine Mind performance but is confined to the believing fantasy of the Mind that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being has well indoctrinated the Mind now guiding you to perform as Black Afrikans do today and all that we do today point Black Afrikans not toward Freedom but to a Dream State like Walt Disney World Fantasy Land where make-believe is fun to the believing mind that is confined to Lies and Deception about the Majesty of Living Life and that Godly state of Living Life is with companionship with Freedom, beloved Black Afrikan People.

So Today, if Black Afrikan people are not occupied in an active performance that is about securing Freedom for the Mind of Black Afrikan people then all that we Black Afrikans are doing and talking about is in favor of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being and beloved, there is no wisdom being displayed in such a performance by Black Afrikan people whose objective goal is not Freedom with control of the environment you live in, enjoying the fruits that come from a Thinking Innerstanding , Knowing Divine Mind.

My Motto is, When living without Freedom of Mind, then First Seek You Your Freedom, using any and all means required for you to obtain your Freedom and your every conversation and Body action should be about you securing your Freedom!!!

Because, when you are living without Freedom being your companion, all that you are talking about and is doing should be about making plans and strategizing to regain our Divine Mind Back and it's the Divine Mind that Sees to Know What The Divine Essence, God Is, and with such knowledge you are with the Freedom to know your relationship to that Divine Essence, God, and Knowing is Divine and being Divine has you to be wise in all that you talk about and do that service to the Greater Good of the Black Afrikan Family Nation, who today, is a Divided unwise behaving talking inactive believing Human Being Nation, and that state of mind is a verification of our Mental illness, beloved!!!

Not until you become Free again beloved Black Afrikan people, you should be all about obtaining your Freedom, anything else is useless to talk about, because if your talk is not about obtaining your Freedom, then it's about things not wise for you to be talking about in the state of your Living confinement under the control of those who determine your living fate today, and it sure as hell is not the Black Afrikan Race.

So, I do not enter into debates with Black Folks, I share that which I know that comes from knowing the weight of the value of being exposed to that white racist educational system which operate to serve to the Greater Good of that white racist unjust Prejudice Luciferian Human Being, at the same time knowing where my Divine Information comes from that has me with the Divine knowledge and wisdom that comes from Divine Thinking to Learn about the Empirical Facts that verify that which is Divinely True and Real to the Divine Mind that Reason Logically to know that which need to be known and not believed about the Divine Essence, God Of Us All, which in turn have you with knowledge of Thyself, beloved!!

So, when living not being in control of your Living environment, you live in an environment that is not controlled by you and that beloved, is no sign of Freedom!!!

So, First seek you your Freedom when you are not Free, and all you need to know will become your gift with innerstanding, and a Thinking Knowing Mind tolerates not being Free, beloved Black Afrikan Woman and Man!!!

Therefore, the Reparation/Repatriation that your Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors has already earned and America now evil is withholding from paying to our Enslaved Ancestors, that should and must be the center of our concentration beloved, Reparation/Repatriation Represents to Black Afrikans and to Afrika, our Freedom, and nobody should be allowed to take away our Freedom anymore, beloved Black Afrikan people!!!

So, if you desire to conversate with me, then let it be today, about us obtaining our Freedom, which should be the primary interest of Thinking Black Afrikans Today!!!

When we become Free and is back in Afrika, then we can sit under the palm Tree with no worry Sipping Palm Wine discussing our Interest of the day, beloved Black Afrikan Woman and Man!!!

So, Get Up You Might Race Of Black Power And Let Us Come Together To Plan Our Freedom And Act To Make It To Be Enjoyed By The Black Afrikan Unified Nation Again, Being Govern By A United States Of Afrika Government To Be In Afrika Governing Black Afrikan People In An Environment Black Afrikans Has Created For OurSelves To Live In, Beloved!!!

Either I am Dreaming Dreams And Seeing Visions As A Wise Elder, Or I Am A Believing Walt Disney World Fantasy Believer, Which Will You Have Me To Be, My Beloved Black Afrikan Race Of People???

Divine Respect

Divine Respect
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