Black People : Live Thyself, What Does It Mean?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Way You Show Love For God Is That You Show Love For Self

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

All Of My Sharing Is With Revolutionary Intent And it frighten The Believing Mind Of The So Call Black Leadership And Thus Black Afrikans In General because I Am Not Suppose To Share With Black Afrikans the Quality Of Information That Demand You To Think, Only Believing Information Is To Be Shared With You Black Behind so to keep you ignorant to the Divine Knowledge Lucifer has caused your Black behind to forget, so I come along a so call nobody sharing with you Lucifer Religious Theologians Want You Not To Be Exposed Too, Beloved, because in What I share with Blac,k Afrikans, is the way to our Freedom, that is if you are not afraid to trave the Divine Mental Path that lead to Afrika becoming for the Black Afrikans again and The Black Afrikans being in power and authority of a United States Of Afrika Government to Govern Black Afrikan people and will assure that Afrika will not allow invaders to enter Afrika for the purpose to Assassinate Black Revolutionary Leadership ;like they Did To Quadaffi.

So Consider This:

If you are Black and is Divinely In Love with your self then you have confidence in your self and a confidence in self shows respect for self and by having respect for your self is what have you with knowledge of what God Is, because you can't have Love for God when you have no love for self and Love for self make you not to be satisfied with self if there is no respect for self and a self respecting Black Afrikan is always protective of the Black self because you are the Divine Representative of the Greater Good of self and such Greateness reveal that you are in the know of What the Divine Essence God Is, which is Eternal Everlasting Dark Energy Infinite Divine Unmeasurable Intelligence, a God that Love nor Hate for such emotions are revealed by all that is of a Physical Six Sense Form of Being, yes in possession of the Sense of Sight, Smell, Taste, Sound, Feeling and most of all Common Sense which is the Sense of Thoughtful Reasoning and today the once Divine Black Being is without Common Sense in use today and when Common Sense is not applied to every day living then the out come from such negligence is what you see of Mother Afrika and of the spirit being expressed on display by the Black Afrikans today and such is not revealing of a Spirit of Divine Love for the Black Afrikan self, beloved.

Black Afrikans do not "WANT" to adhere to what I share with Black Afrikan people because it requires for you to use Common **** Sense to innerstand that which I share which is above the Mind Grade Lucifer the Human Being has saddled the Black body with, a mind that shows no Love for the Black self but is always talking about having Love for a God Lucifer has created for the lowly profane mind to believe religiously in today which is why there will be no rising of the Black Afrikans and Afrika until there is an expression of Love for the Black self is in action and the Divine Love that comes with the Black body is of Nature Design to always be Free in the Living of Life which is the Divine Motion of the Greater Good-God, the Divine Essence of all things that Move and appear not to move to be physical.

Such reminding Divine information is not acceptable to the believing religious profaned mind of which Black Afrikans are in possession of today being guided by a quality of mind that is not of Nature original Design for your Black body, beloved.

You see Black Afrikan, you can not be identifiable with the Divine information that I share with you because you pretend more about what you believe and is less aware of what you need to know about, which is the Greater Good- God, the Divine Essence of all things, yestertime and now-time, is no God of Love or Hate, It is not an Emotional God, just The God That Is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscience, by its Divine presence the Divinity of Life Is without a Plan, Meaning Or A Purpose, For It Is God The Divine Essence, in search of no one nor anything to be worship by, The Greater Good is all Motion without Emotion, beloved.

So, any Love that is to be expressed concerning the Greater Good-God is to come from that which is from the result of the Divine Essence action of Infinitely Everlasting Present and the Divine way to get to know what God is by showing Divine Love for the Dark Energetic Self, Black Woman, and Man, the Divine Mind have you to know that The Greater Good-God is all-encompassing in the Dark Energy Intellectual Freedom, the Essence of Divinity, beloved.

Yet you know not nor can you identify with why I am only focused of the Graciousness of Divinity of Freedom, for I know in Freedom reside the Infinite Power of the Greater Good-God the Divine Essence of all that revolves inside of the Infinite Darkness, the Universe out of which all things appear out of to become as Nature Design things to be, it being the primary attribute of the Divine Essence the Greater Good, God Infinite Intelligence, measurable by nothing that moves and appears not to move in the physical Universe being of the Infinite Universe of Divine Energy Intelligence with no beginning nor an expiration date.

To Love Thyself is the beginning of getting to know what Freedom is to the Self of you, Black Woman and Man!!!

This is the quality of information that is presented at a Divine Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, with the Divine Mind of Black Afrikans returning to be in your useful possession and you know what, Black Afrikan people are the only Race of people still living without our organic Mind that have to be begged to Desire our Freedom and when it gets like that, things do not appear to be in the range of the Greater Good for the Black Afrikan Race, Black Woman, and Man!!!

Divine Respect

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